Why My Air Fryer Basket Is Peeling | What Are The Best Solutions In 2021?

Are you worried about the peeling of your Air Fryer Basket?

Do not worry at all! We will provide you with relevant solutions in this Article!

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We are going to provide you with the step-by-step guidance process of maintenance of your Air Fryer to prevent any kinds of peeling! So, stay tuned till the end! But before discussing all the solutions you should know why your air fryer basket is peeling?

Why My Air Fryer Basket is Peeling

Why my air fryer basket is peeling?

There could be numerous reasons why your air fryer basket is peeling. But the main reason for peeling air fryer baskets is the low build quality material and the Teflon non-stick coating over it. In maximum cases, Teflon coated air fryer baskets start peeling quickly than ceramic or other air fryers because of high heat. And also low-grade quality air fryer components do not resist the heat and start peeling and flaking off. Lack of proper handling also may be one reason.

However, But the first thing which concerns people when their air fryer starts to peel is their health. Is this a really serious concern? The answer is ‘No’. The black flakes in your food are not harmful to your health but it looks super unappetizing when we find black Teflon flakes in our food.

This is not a serious concern though. But sometimes Teflon coated air fryer may affect your health in long run. It is a mixture of some chemical or we can say Teflon is a PTFE material.

What are the causes of air fryer basket peeling?

The primary causes of air fryer peeling are mainly:

  • Use of rough and abrasive sponges – While cleaning the air fryer you need to use a very clean brush or a non-abrasive sponge. If you use a rough one it will cause the Teflon surface of the basket to peel off. It is advisable to soak the air fryer basket in soap water for about 20 minutes to get rid of any dirt or burnt food on it.
  • Manhandling of the Air Fryer Basket – This can cause the basket to peel off. The basket should be kept away from children in a safe place and it must not be dropped to the ground to prevent any damages from occurring.
  • Use of sharp Metals Sharp metals like steel forks and spoons must not be used to scrape the air fryer basket. It is advisable to use wooden spoons and forks which prevent the peeling of the outer surface of the basket.
  • Unsuitable Temperatures High-temperature cooking can cause bubbles to form in the basket since the air gets trapped and embedded in the surface coating. This can also cause peeling of the air fryer basket.
  • Cheap quality Material Many air fryers available in the market use extremely cheap and low-quality material which peels off despite high maintenance and extreme hygiene. Therefore, you should always look at the brand value of the air fryer before investing in it. The air fryer should not be high maintenance if it is made of high-quality and branded material. Hence, you should opt for a better quality air fryer to avoid such consequences.

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Is air fryer basket peeling normal?

The answer to this question is “Yes”. It is extremely normal for any non-stick coating to peel off. With time eventually, every Teflon non-stick coating wears off and peels out. It cannot be guaranteed as to when an air fryer basket will peel off. Some take days, some take months or some even take years to peel off completely.

It depends entirely on how you use it and how you maintain it. On the safe, side it is advisable to invest in a good brand air fryer rather than a cheaper one because a good brand air fryer will last longer than the cheaper one and probably would not be high maintenance as well.

What are the side effects of air fryer basket peeling to health?

The first concern which pops up in your mind after seeing an air fryer peel is whether it is bad for your health. Well, apparently under normal circumstances air fryer peeling is not very serious for one’s health. But there’s a catch! For the Teflon or the non-stick coating to meltdown, you need a temperature higher than 500° degrees Fahrenheit which will lead to a breakdown of the compounds in the material.

Now, if you cook your food at this temperature or at an even higher temperature your food will definitely become toxic and a few carcinogenic compounds will also be released. This can eventually cause cancer. But, it’s quite unlikely to cook food at this temperature so you are safe!

What are the solutions to prevents basket peeling?

The most common solution here is to keep your air fryer maintained and clean and also to follow these few rules:

  1. Read the manual carefully before setting up the Air fryer for its first use.
  2. Always inspect whether the Air fryer is in proper working condition or not.
  3. Cook your food at the recommended temperature which is mentioned in the instruction manual. Cook your food in the way recommended by the manufacturers.
  4. Clean the fryer extensively after each use without rough sponges or metal scrubbers.
  5. Store the fryer in an upright position away from children and make sure it is not plugged into any power sockets.

What should you use if your air fryer is peeling already?

If your air fryer is already peeled then you should not use it directly for cooking anything in your air fryer. You can use parchment paper as a layering basket. They are very good heat resistors and reduce food mess and same you can use aluminum foil instead of perforated parchment paper. If the basket is already damaged by peeling you should replace the basket with a new one.

This can cause your air fryer to stop working eventually. The key is to keep your air fryer basket sparklingly clean after every use to prevent these mishaps from happening in the near future.

Besides, there is no rocket science involved in cleaning an Air Fryer. You can definitely use mild hot water and soap to clean it every day. Use soft sponges and even then if it stays dirty use lemon water to get rid of the dirt and grease.

What are the best air fryers that don’t peel?

If you asking me which air fryers do not peel my answer is the ceramic, glass & stainless steel air fryer. But ceramic air fryers are the best against the peeling problem. Because ceramic is a non-stick layer made of inorganic material. They produce non-stick surfaces with scratch-resistant.

The nano ceramic layer shines for a long time. But in Teflon coated air fryer they also produce non-stick surfaces but after some days they start peeling which is miserable. But the advantages of Teflon the longevity more than ceramic coated air fryer.

According to Forbes, the 10 best Air Fryers that do not peel are Ninja max XL ceramic air fryer, LOUISE STURHLING The Best Air Fryer, and 7 more ceramic coated air fryer check here.

Some FAQ

1. Should I clean my air fryer daily?

My answer is “Yes”. You should clean your air fryer after every use to prevent any dust, fried food crumbs, or food coating to stick on it. While cleaning you should keep in mind that you cannot use abrasive, rough metal sponges. Rather you must use a soft sponge with mild hot soapy water to prevent any dust or dirt build-up. If you do not clean your air fryer these things can happen.

2. Why my air fryer food smells like

if you are lazy and do not want to clean your air fryer properly this issue of lingering food smells might occur and it will occur eventually. This will cause all foods to taste somewhat oily and smelly which is also quite unhealthy. The best way to maintain the fryer is to clean up its basket after every use. You can clean the basket with mild hot water and soap. If this does not help you can also use lemon which will surely help you to get rid of the pungent food smells.

3. My air fryer release white smoke?

if you do not maintain your fryer then white smoke might come out of the fryer while cooking. This is mainly caused due to the grease formed at the bottom of the fryer due to neglect of good cleaning and maintenance of hygiene. To prevent white smoke you should add 1 – 2 tbsp of water to the bottom basket. If you see black smoke come out of your air fryer you should quickly plug out your air fryer and call a professional electrician to find out the problem.

These are the top branded air fryers that do not peel and give high performance with low maintenance costs. On top of that, all these Air fryers are quite easy to clean and maintain.


Air fryers use a circulation of hot air to cook food that would otherwise be submerged in oil. Therefore, you should keep it clean as much as possible to avoid any mishaps in the near future. Air fryer basket peeling is a common problem so don’t be worry about it. Just follow the instruction and work with care. Hope so our Article cleared all your doubts about Air fryer basket peeling, its causes, maintenance, and cleaning.

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