What To Put Under Air Fryer To Protect Countertop – 6 Best Solutions

Today we are going to discuss the most asked question after getting an air fryer What to put under air fryer to protect countertop.

This question is asked several times by many air fryer users on my Facebook page. So I decided to explore the solutions to this question with you.

What To Put Under Air Fryer To Protect Countertop

I have also faced the same problem when I got my first air fryer in 2018. I had placed my air fryer at the corner of my granite countertop without any protection. And run my device 30 minutes to 45 minutes per day.

But after some days I noticed that the air fryer bottom area of my kitchen countertop heavily heated up. When I touch the area it was so hot. So I decided to give protection to my countertop as well as my air fryer from the heat issues.

Then I dived a deep search on the internet with the question of what can I put under my air fryer to protect my countertop? I found on the internet that some people claimed their granite countertop cracked by the excessive heat of air fryer.

After a lot of research, I found some solutions which I have described below. But you should know first how an air fryer can cause cracking on a granite countertop.

Will an air fryer damaged a granite countertop?

Granite is found in the earth’s crust. It is the hardest natural building material with having high heat resistivity up to 1000°F.

This material is so beautiful because of the crystal structure. The availability at an affordable price in our local market makes it more popular. So most people are using granite as their kitchen countertop.

They assuming granite is a good heat absorber and does not crack by any heat shock. This fact sounds true because we mentioned above that granite can be heatproof up to 1000°F. So they using any hot oven appliances without any protection on the granite countertop.

But it is a natural material, so there may be some imperfection in build quality. Your granite may have a small crack in the inner inside or the full granite sheet is not strong equally from each side.

We all know our air fryer quickly catches the heat very fast and slowly cools. In this way, your granite also faces a thermal shock effect. quickly heats up and cold down. So in this way, the little crack expands and squeezes quickly. So the little crack comes out with big damage.

Hence, granite is a good heat-resistant building material but sometimes there may be damage or cracked due to our air fryer and other ovens heat. So why should take the risk?

It may be a costly mistake in your life. So using a heat insulator mat can help your granite countertop from any type of damage by air fryer heat. So what to put under the air fryer to protect the countertop).

What To Put Under Air Fryer To Protect Countertop?

You can use anything which is well heat insulated and also provide an anti-skid surface to your air fryer. It may be a heat resistant mat, insulated heat pad, wooden cutting board, bamboo chopping board, glass cutting board, old ceramic tiles, seasoned timber, etc.

1. Silicone heat mat

black silicone gasare resistant mat for air fryer

Silicone is a good heat resistant material, it can bear up to 450°F heat as well as cold of -40°F. So you can use a silicone mat as a heat protector for your countertop and also as a refrigerator shelf mat.

I am using a Gasare silicone mat. It is one of the best air fryer mat available on Amazon. The mat size is 25″ x 17″ so you can use all types of medium or big-size air fryers on it. Almost every size of silicone heat-insulated mat easily available in our local market or online market.

Wellhouse Extra Large (23.6 x 15.7 inch) silicone mat can hold a big size air fryer. If you have a small size air fryer then Smithcraft Silicone Pot Mats (7.5×7.5) perfect for a 2-3 quart size air fryer.

These silicone mats are made up of high-quality silicone material. So you can also use them as a baking/pastries mat or other food preparation work like vegetable cutting. But that should be made of medically approved silicone.

The silicone mat is so flexible and it’s easy to roll up and store. Silicone mats are easily washable with a mixture of warm & soap water.

If your mat gets dirty with oil stains while cooking. Then you can wash it, dry it, and again work on it. So these mats provide a hygenic environment for cooking. And also these environment-friendly mats are reusable for up to one year.

Another advantage of using silicone heat-resistant mats. They provide an anti-skid surface to your appliances and hot dishes and prevent them from sliding around.

2. Insulated non skid counter protector mat

non skid insulator counter protector mat

I love this non-skid insulator mat because of the Steel silvery pattern. You can clean this mat without washing it. Just wipe the upper layer of the mat with a moist damp cloth.

This mat is well heatproof up to 450°F and absorbs all the heat produce by your air fryer. The size (20″ x 17″) is compatible with all medium size air fryer.

The unique pattern design grip with your counter surface and provide a non-skid stable surface to your air fryer. You can also use it underneath your coffee maker and toaster ovens. If you have two mats, you can use one for your air fryer and another under to keep hot dishes.

I found one genuine buyer on amazon who shares her experience with an ” insulated protector that grips the countertop while preventing excessive damaging heat to her Formica top”.

3. Simple Wooden cutting board

simple wooden cutting board

A wooden cutting board is also a good heatproof material. If you have an extra cutting board in your home, then why you spend on buying mats. These are big and rectangular in size. Almost all air fryers and ovens fit inside its size.

They can easily resist up to 500°F heat and protect your countertop from damage. I found lots of air fryer users using a wood cutting board and also other materials like glass cutting board, ceramic tiles, etc.

These also slightly weigh up to 1 pound, so they do not slide easily and provides a stable surface for your oven appliances. These are waterproof & washable after every use.

Most inexpensive: 8 Best Air fryer Under $50 Reviews With Full Detailed Specifications

4. Plain ceramic tile

plain old ceramic tiles

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to protect your countertop from excesiive heat, then old plain ceramic tiles are the best choice. If you have left some ceramic tiles after your home constructions then you can use it.

These ceramic tiles are high heat resistant power and easy to clean the surface from oil and food stain. But there are some problems ceramic tiles have little height edge where some dust always kept after cleaning.

You have to shift all time for every clean. Hard to difficult large size tiles, where your air fryer could easily fit. So you can check on Amazon, you will find all size ceramic tiles at an affordable price. And remember to check the underneath your air fryer while using it for the first time.

5. Bamboo chopping board

bamboo chopping board

If you have an extra bamboo chopping board, then you can use it under your air fryer to protect the kitchen countertop. These are also good heatproof as a wooden cutting board.

You can found this easily in your market or other online e-commerce websites. Most of the people using these types of cutting boards and share their experiences with us on our Facebook page. You can use it both cutting vegetables and counter protector for your air fryer.

It can be washable and easy to storage. No stain left behind it after washing. So these are highly suggested by many air fryer users. So you can use it under your air fryer to protect the countertop.

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6. Glass cutting board

glass cutting board

Another suggested product by air fryer users is a glass cutting board, These types of cutting boards look so beautiful under oven appliances. You can use it as a decorative protector mat on the dining table.

The glass cutting board is not highly heatproof, although it can resist the normal air fryer heat. So you can use it as a heat resistant counter protector.

Almost all model ovens fit inside the area of the glass cutting board. These are washable and reusable. Work well against oil stains and food stains.

Why you need a heat mat for your air fryer?

I would suggest every air fryer owner should invest in a heat mat for their air fryer.

Almost every kitchen lovers have spent thousands of dollars to make their kitchen countertop look beautiful and elegant. So why should take a risk?

Those who are using granite, marble, wooden countertop should really invest in these mats 

If your countertop is made up of steel. It is a good heat-resistor but the bottom of the surface will be more slippery for your air fryer.

SO these mats provide an anti-skid surface to your air fryer as well as your oven, stove, coffee maker, etc.

Where to put an air fryer in the kitchen?

Air fryer is a small size kitchen convectional appliances. It is working on hot air technology, so it produces a lot of heat while in the working mode.

If you use it carelessly and do not know where to put your air fryer in the kitchen. Then you may be facing some fatal accident which loss your property and life.

Almost every air fryer weight is more than 10 pounds, so always use a stable fixed surface like kitchen countertop, table, etc. Never use it on your weak shelf area.

Always try to use where your air fryer plug easily reaches the power outlet otherwise you have to use an extension cord.

Always use a heat-resistant counter protector under your air fryer and allow five inches vent area from the wall. Through the vent your air fryer hot air exhaust from inside to maintain the overheating problem.

After knowing the full basics, you should also read the instruction carefully provided by your air fryer manufacturer inside the box. I have also an article with detailed instructions on how to use an air fryer in 10 steps.

If you are a newbie you should definitely visit the article, it will be very much informative for you.

Some asked FAQ

1. Can you put air fryer on the countertop?

Air fryer can be put on your countertop if the countertops are made of heat resistant material like granite, stainless steel, woods, etc. But we all know air fryer produces heat while cooking and the regular use can be an impact your heat resistant countertops. Sometimes while cooking grease cover the countertop area with stains. If your air fryer is not provided any rubber footers then it will be sliding around your countertops.

So all problem one solution the non-skidable silicone heat pad. It can bear more than 450°F easily. These mats are super easy to use under your air fryer and the anti-skid prevents your appliances from sliding around your countertop. They can be easily washable with soap water and reusable for a long time.

So I will never suggest using your air fryer directly use on your countertops. A small investment can save from many problems.

2. Should I put something under the air fryer?

Air fryer produces a lot of heat (400°F to 450°F) during the working mode. And all the heat transfer through the bottom portion of the air fryer to your kitchen countertop.

Sometimes our kitchen countertop is not compatible with the heat of the air fryer. If you see any changes on your kitchen countertop, you should immediately put some heat-resistant mat ( silicone mat, wooden cutting board, old ceramic tiles) under your appliances. It will save your countertop from heat shock damage.

And also silicone mats provide an anti-skid surface for the air fryers which prevents our air fryers from sliding around.

03. What do I put under my toaster oven to protect the counter?

Toaster ovens also come under in hot appliances segment. They also emit heat to your countertops. The produced heat is very low as compared to an air fryer but the regular use can bring impact on your countertops. And also the bottom stand leaves a stain on your countertop. So what should you put under the tour toaster oven?

Use non-skid heat-insulated silicone mats. These are super convenient and reliable to use. The silicone material is best against heat produce by your toaster oven. The anti-skid properties prevent your toaster oven from sliding around.

Last verdict for what to put under air fryer to protect countertop

We have discussed our query on what to put under the air fryer to protect the countertop and their solutions. I hope you get some information. Air fryer is a small oven appliance So it produces heat that can crack & damage your granite countertop. So always use heat resistant countertop covers or any product from the above. These products can prohibit heat to reach your counter.

A silicone mat, wooden cutting board, glass cutting board are well heat insulator materials and also provide a non-skid surface. They are washable and reusable for a long time. So why should take the risk with your countertop? Invest a little amount and you will get great countertop protectors for your air fryer.


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