How Does An Air Fryer Work Without Oil | Should You Buy An Air Fryer In 2023?

Before I start discussing How Does An Air Fryer Work Without Oil? I want to tell you how did I get to know about an Airfryer? A year ago! I was surfing the internet and searching for health-related products. Fortunately, I found something new term for “hot air cooking needs no oil for frying” I was amazed! The article was about an air fryer and had some information in the box “ it does not require oil to fry food and mimic the same crispy taste as your deep-fried food“.

How does an air fryer work without oil_

It reduces the consumption of unhealthy oil in our fried foods and also it was recommended by many health physicians. The question has arrived in my mind is it possible to cook food without oil?

Then I started researching the product and got one for myself. After the use for one year, I have some experience with Do air fryers use oil or not? which I am going to discuss along with other related questions about the air fryer.

In this article, we will explore a full detailed review and the best buying guide for an air fryer. What is an air fryer? How does an air fryer cook by using hot air? How to use an air fryer? Is air frying without oil healthy? Is the air fryer worth buying? etc.

The benefits and disadvantages of an air fryer, everything you want to know about an air fryer. I hope you will get your answer how does an air fryer work without oil?

After knowing the full benefits of an air fryer, I am sure you will be bound to buy an Air Fryer for yourself and also for your family. Stay continue with me!

What Is An Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a small convection oven that comes in a group of Small kitchen appliances. The air fryer is not technically frying your food, it is using hot air technology to bake your food fast in less time without oil.

when you turn on the air fryer, a strong fan moves at high speed and sucks airflow through the heating element, and circulates the hot air around your food placed in the air fryer basket.

It promises to give you the same level of taste and texture via the browning reactions of caramelization and the Maillard reaction as compared to deep-fried food in the restaurant. Although the air fryer trend is pretty recent, they’ve been around since 2010 but now they are in trend.

cook your food. of that cook, grill, bake, and fries mode which works by circulating hot air around the food to make a crunchy and crispy outside and juicy inside. It works on a convection mechanism, a fan-fitted top on the AirFryer

Air fryer fried food is treated as the best alternative to deep oil fried food. The air fryer uses up to 85% less fat than traditional deep-fried food while maintaining the same delicious taste.

It is easy to use, safe, fast cooking technology that makes the Air fryer hero in the Home & Kitchen category. Use of fewer oil benefits to fight against very major diseases like High Cholesterol, Heart Attack, Kidney Problem, and Fat control in your body.

A brief history of air fryer

Convection ovens were widely used in 1945 because they are easy to use, and fast for cooking. use less electricity. But recently in 2010 Philips introduced the first air fryer in the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA), a consumer electronics fair in Berlin according to Wikipedia.

In this exhibition, The Philips air fryer patented Rapid hot Air Technology. Now, this technology is used almost in every air fryer which is used to cook your food without oil or less oil. Now you can find this function in a Toaster oven & a Pressure cooker.

How Does An Air Fryer Work Without Oil?

While a Deep fryer requires a lot amount of oil to submerge food in a pool of bubbling hot oil. But at the same time, the air fryer uses its Hot Air Convection Technology. It reduces the excess oil consumption in your french fries and offers you the same crispy texture fries similar to what your deep fryer does.

But I know you will hesitate to eat dry and baked french fries, so you can add some tablespoon of over on it.

By combining just a drizzle of oil, an air fryer can give you the perfect fried food texture. That cook evenly crisp outside and lock the juicy moist inside.

A big size fan is fitted on top of the AirFryer, which soaks air from outside and passes the air through the heating element.

The hot air moves rapidly around the food to process, which places inside the cooking basket. An air fryer does not fry your food it just bakes with hot air.

Sometimes a reaction takes place which can be called the mallard reaction to produce a crisp texture on your food that mimics the same crisp texture as a deep oil fryer without oil.

An exhaust fan is also fitted at the back of the Air Fryer, it controls the undesired temperature and foodie odor smell from the fryer.

It also maintains internal pressure. The inside temperature can go up to 230 °C (445 °F) depending on the model while cooking.

NOTE- For safety never put extra oil on food while cooking it may be flammable.

How To Use AirFryer?

An air fryer is easy to use if you go through the proper instruction. If you are a newbie or lack experience click on my other post fully dedicated to how to use an air fryer in 10 steps.

Before you start cooking in AirFryer preheat to the desired temperature according to your recipe.

Only use the Air Fryer basket which the manufacturer suggested for the best result.

Then place your food spraying a little oil or brush on and then put it in the air fryer, after the hot air will give you the magical result in minutes.

But you should follow the recipes, food preparation, quantity time, temperature, etc. Rapid hot air technology circulates hot air around the food.

A brief instruction to start an air fryer

  1. Preheat the AirFryer before cooking for 5 minutes at 450°F as demanded to your recipe.
  2. Arrange the food in the rack as suggested, and press the AirFryer button.
  3. Then you will automatically be promoted to the cooking section.
  4. it will ask to adjust temperature and time then press start.
  5. Then the AirFryer start with the beep sound, save a timer on your mobile or other timer gadgets and enjoy the misty delicious food after completion.

Some basic pro tips for cooking in the air fryer

  • Preheat your air fryer Before cooking for the best result.
  • Always use a little oil on your food otherwise food will be slightly sticky on the Fryer bouquet.
  • Grease your air fryer basket frequently, the basket can slide easily.
  • Never use aerosol-type spray(Pam oil or other hydrogenated oil) on your food, They might contain harmful ingredients which can damage your fryer.
  • Never full your basket for cooking, it will be you don’t get crispy or crunchy texture in your food. Always prepare extra food in Batches.
  • Shakes The basket frequently during cooking to fry the food(Chicken wings, French Fries Etc) will cook evenly from all sides.
  • Add a little oil or flour to the food, The food will be more crunchy and delicious.
  • If you find some white smoke exhausts from the Fryer, Don’t be afraid to add some water to the bottom of the fryer. High-fat food always creates this smoke.
  • Always adjust the temperature for a certain food to get the best result.

Where to put my air fryer?

We all know that an air fryer is a small kitchen gadget, but we can not put it carelessly anywhere. Most of the air fryer weight is more than 10 pounds so and works on electric current. So never be careless about putting it anywhere.

The best place is your kitchen countertop, if you have no counter space then use a stable surface like a table or tools. and use a heat-resistant mat for your air fryer to protect your counter surface from air fryer heat. A silicone mat also proves an anti-skid surface for air fryers so your appliances become more stable.

Always make sure that your air fryer should 5 – 10 inches apart from the wall. Because an exhaust vent through the hot air from your air fryer, if you block the vent area the inner heat will increase in your air fryer.

Which pans are safe for cooking in an air fryer?

You should always cook with your compatible basket and included air fryer accessories that come with your brand new air fryer. But now air fryer is not only used for frying but also baking, broiling, reheating, grilling, and other functions available in the air fryer.

So there are a lot of varieties of type oven-safe pans available for an air fryer to increase the cooking capabilities like a cake pan, muffin pan, grill pan, etc.

The pans or molds which are oven-proof are safe to use in an air fryer. It may be glass, ceramic, metal, or silicone molds. If you like to bake muffins or cupcakes, you can use silicone muffin pans and disposable paper cupcakes mold.

Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer

Deep Fryer

While you working with deep fryers, the oil container is always full of gallons of oil. you should always notice the hot bubbling oil, otherwise, there may be a chance of burning.

A lot amount of heat and oil needs to fry a small amount of food like onion rings, french fries, etc.

The main intention of a deep fryer is only to fry food but with an air fryer you can bake, grill, roast, reheat, and do so much more activities.

The oil container heats at a high temperature, there is a high chance hot oil can go to your eyes!. sometimes hand also get in contact with hot oil or oil container.

After cooking cleaning is the main problem, you have to clean the whole unit safely. It is a time taking process.

Air fryer

But with an air fryer safety is the priority, there is no chance to get contact with hot objects during cooking, and foods cooking safely inside the basket. The whole unit is properly insulated.

The air fryer has also a safety switch on the basket if you don’t push it the basket never comes out. So accidentally chance to get in contact with hot objects is also reduced.

Never worry about food burnt, Set the time and temperature, and forget after time zeroes the fryer automatically stops. Cleaning is so easy and also its basket parts are also waterproof.

Which air fryer recipes can you do with your units?

From the above discussion, we are getting a point Air Fryer uses less oil rather than traditional fried foods.

That means Air Fryers are healthy and the using process is so easy to cook food. For small families (4-6 members) Air Fryer is the best choice.

Your family member, many of them always want fried food like French fries, chicken nuggets, and apple chips, it tastes good for the tongue but not good for the body.

Because they have highly oily inside and also fats, They are full of calories. This high unwanted oil is the reason behind major disease problems in your younger age or after 40.

But using an air fryer reduces the 70% chance to go to bed at a young age. Eat healthy and daily work out or yogas makes your life healthier and happier.

Anythings that can bake or fry are best for cooking in an air fryer. If you like chicken recipes then you will love the air fryer.

So I am here with some recipes that are the same which we cook in oil traditionally but in air, fryer Using hot air technology.

Is air frying food healthy?

In the above, we are discussing air fryers and trying to answer What is an Air Fryer? and how does an air fryer cook without oil?

I am sure that the most important question is revolving in your mind does air frying food good for our health?

Almost every air fryer manufacturer claims that air fryer can cut 70% to 80% fat by not using oil in your food and producing lower-fat products in your food.

Air Fryer requires a little amount of oil to cook food, at the same time deep fryer needs food ingredients to be submerged in deep cooking oil.

The food soaks a lot amount of oil, fat, and extra calories. Then these harmful ingredients go to your body, it seems like bad bacteria enter the body with our permission isn’t it?

Benefits of air fryer food

Reduce high oil intake-Higher intake of chemically refined vegetable oils or other oils is very much dangerous for the heart. Scientifically proven that it can be increasing the risk of high cholesterol and inflammation diseases in your heart.

Help to reduce the waist line-It is a blessing to the health-conscious people who want to cut their waistline, They always try to get extra calories but not the fat source. But daily consumption of highly oily food may lead to gaining weight.

If you’re looking to lose weight or lower your fat intake without modifying or cutting down on fried foods, switching to an air fryer may be a good choice.

Decrease the production of harmful compound-When foods are fried in oil at high temperatures some toxic compounds automatically produce (acrylamide) in the food.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, acrylamide is classified, this type of compound creates some cancer (endometrial, ovarian, pancreatic, breast, and oesophageal cancer) cells in our body.

But the use of air fryers can reduce the chance of these kinds of major diseases problem. Some study says that air frying food can reduce 80% to 90% of the acrylamide compounds in our food. So the air fryer is the best alternative to the problem you can taste the same as fried in oil.

What are the side effects of an air fryer?

We found that an air fryer offers a very healthful fried food option than deep-fried food. But replacing deep-fried food may not be the best option for health.

Air fryers may have lots of benefits but they have also some side effects on your food.

We found that an air fryer can reduce the acrylamide cancerous compound in your food but some other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines can result from all high-heat cooking with raw meat according to the National cancer institute.

If you ask me which is the best diet food, I will always suggest you eat fresh fruits and vegetables. These are having high antioxidants and carbohydrates which will help you to stay young and fit.

Advantages and disadvantages of an air fryer

From starting my article I always discussed benefits, advantages, and many other key points but every product in this world has some upside and downside points. You are now very much enthusiast to know about the advantages and disadvantages of an air fryer. Let’s discuss this.

Advantages of air fryer

Do not take a large space: The air fryer is a small cooking convection appliance. They need only a corner of your kitchen countertop. If you compare it with your coffee maker, it is slightly bigger than but smaller than big size convection ovens.

Due to its small size, it has advantages. They could be easily transportable and can be stored in your storage area while not in use. I think most people do the same with their air fryer if they are not using it.

Use less oil for cooking: This is the main intent to buy an air fryer. These small devices use hot rapid air to cook food instead of messy oil. At the same time, a deep fryer needs a gallon of oil to submerge the whole chicken to fry.

But the air fryer needs only one tablespoon of oil to brush over your food depending on what you cooking.

Disadvantages of air fryer

Takes moe time: An air fryer needs much more time than a deep fryer. While both of them need to preheat their pans or container before cooking. But the air fryer heats its basket quicker than a traditional deep fryer.

Once the two reach their specific heat point, the deep fryer wins the race cooking. Take an example while the air fryer fries the French fries in 20 minutes at the same time deep fryer can do it in 10 minutes.

Cook in batches: If you are cooking for a large family or a small party, then an air fryer is not an ideal choice for cooking. The air fryer compartment basket is small and hot air should pass through the food without any hassle.

If you block the air by placing lots of servings at a time, then your food will be undercooked or not evenly from each side. So you have to cook in batches.

Technical problems: The air fryer is an electrical cooking gadget that comes with some period of warranty. But sometimes you may face some technical issues in your air fryer.

Sometimes they are not working for power circuit problems. The buttons also do not work properly while you adjust time and temperature. Sometimes air fryer emits blue smoke from the exhaust fan etc. You should hire a repairer for this problem.

Need extra air fryer accessories: Your air fryer comes with a basket and pans and other accessories included in the box. That is enough for air frying but if you trying something different with it. Then you have to buy sme extra accessories for that unit.

If you are trying to bake, grill, roast. you need the baking pan, and grill pan and pay for extra.

Which is not justified with the investment in air fryers. In that budget, you can buy two deep fryers. So air fryer manufacturers should include extra accessories with the air fryer units.

A little bit expensive: If you are looking for a premium digital air fryer, you have to pay more than $100 like a Philips air fryer. But you will not find any more extra features than a LED illuminating display, dishwasher safe, and some extra accessories.

But I would suggest there are a lot of cheap air fryers under $100 and also they are durable and featured with a lot of functions.

From the above air fryer Pros and Cons competition, if you found your recommended features in air fryers then definitely go with an air fryer.

What should you consider when buying an air fryer?

Before going to buy an Air Fryer you should follow the air fryer buying guide and some major things to consider s. it will help to choose the best air fryer from many options.


Before you go to buy it you should ask yourself “What do I cook in the fryer and how many members in my family because there are different sizes of air fryers available for all types of people’s needs.

The smaller unit is only 1 to 3 QT capacity which is the best air fryer for one person. And the medium units are 3 – 6 QT, which is best for a small size family.

If you like small parties or you have a big family, then you should go with a large-size air fryer unit. At the last, I would always suggest going with large units never going with a small size air fryer.

Because big size offers you cook in varieties with air fryer accessories but in smaller units, you could not do such types of experiments with your foods.


You need to make sure that your kitchen outlet supports the watts consumption of your air fryer will use. Your kitchen outlet should support 800 watts to 1500 watts that a standard air fryer typically uses.

The more watts an air fryer has, the higher temperatures it will reach & quickly it will re-heat the oil if you have added up frozen food like frozen peas or meat to the grease. Air Fryers are available with wattage levels of up to 1800 watts & more


The temperature settings of your air fryer can have a decisive effect on getting out the final result you want.

Mostly, air fryers cook food well when the temperature is over 400 degrees F. Higher temperatures have the advantage of cooking food more quickly.

Batter coatings and baked goods also won’t absorb as much grease if they are cooked for a shorter period at a higher temperature but ensuring the machine has proper control that will help you cook at the right temperature.

The presence of indicator lights and an integrated timer will simplify the cooking process.


The maximum of electricity almost every air fryer with 1500 wattage can consume is not more than 1 unit a day. But varies this figure in the small size air fryer.

High power watts mean, it can heat up easily in minutes and cook your food in less time.

In the case of cooking for 30 minutes in an air fryer, the maximum electricity that will be consumed will only be half unit of electricity a day.

Air Fryer takes upmost 20 minutes to complete household cooking needs.


Firstly, look out for a well-insulated air fryer that has a cool-touch hand grip so that your hands don’t get burned while pulling out the basket.

Secondly, the base of the machine should be a non-slip foot so that the machine doesn’t slip off, locking lid, and exterior basket control. Be ensured that the air fryer has an automatic shut-off to prevent over-cooking of food.

Some frequently asked questions about air fryer problems

1. Should I add my ingredients before or after preheating?

Preheating is highly recommended for the best result. If you do not preheat your unit, it takes much more time than usual frying. As a result, your food will be over burnt or undercooked. So always try to preheat your air fryer for 5 minutes at 400° F.

2. Should I toss my fries in the mid of cooking?

The answer is yes, the air fryer uses hot air blowing by a strong fan around the food ingredients inside the air fryer basket.
So the hot air crisps the upper part of the food but not the lower portion. If you toss it in the mid of cooking, the whole portion of the food will cook evenly from each side.

3. Should I add oil to my food?

The air fryer claims that it does not require oil to cook food. But using a tablespoon of oil brushing the upper layer crisps the fries more evenly and increases the taste. So you should use a little oil in your food while cooking in an air fryer.

4. How do I pause the unit so I can check my food?

Almost every manufacturer has featured their air fryer with auto-pause technology. When the cooking basket is opened in the mid of cooking, It automatically timer stops and starts after placing the basket timer starts from the pause time.

5. My air fryer emits white smokes

Due to cooking high-fat food or using excess oil in your air fryer. Extra fat or oil is stored in the bottom basket of your air fryer. With the increase in temperature, the fat or oil reaches the evaporated states and produces white smoke. To prohibit the smoke use some water at the bottom of your air fryer.

6. My air fryer emits blue smokes

These smokes are maybe the red signal to stop your air fryer. If your air fryer emits blue smoke that may be due to the electric short circuit inside the control panel. You should immediately be plugged out and hire a professional repairer.

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