Crispy Air Fryer Onion Rings Recipe – Easy & Quick

If you are looking for a game day snack then nothing can be better than crispy air fryer onion rings. The crispy outer and sweet savory inside makes it a perfect party appetizer. But today we will prepare them in an air fryer instead of deep frying.

Crispy Air Fryer Onion Rings Recipe

You required a minimal amount of oil to prepare them in the air fryer. They are healthy and hassle-free prepare them in the air fryer. So everyone likes these air fryer rings. So let’s get started.

Ingredients required for crispy air fryer onion rings recipe

Onion – Take large onions for the best crispy and savory taste result. The Vidalia, texas or Walla Walla onions are the best for this recipe. The onions are large, easy to cut, and have no pungent smell.

Buttermilk and egg mixture – You need a mixture of buttermilk and egg to dip the onion rings and then put them in a mixture of flour and crumbs. If you do not have buttermilk you can also use simple cream or milk to dip the onion slices into it.

Flour – After dipping in the egg mixture put the rings in the flour to get a coat on the rings.

Bread crumbs – Panko bread crumbs are the best for crispy results. The bread crumbs are the main hero in the ingredients list. The bread crumbs produce a crisp texture on the onion rings.

Onion powder and garlic powder – These powders added extra spicy flavor to the outer coating of the onion rings.

Oil – Adding a small amount of oil will crisp your rings and make your rings crispy golden brown.

Salt – Salt is required for getting all the flavors to pop out.

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How to make air fryer onion rings?

To air fry, the onion rings in the air fryer are so simple. I prefer an air fryer for deep frying have multiple reasons. You don’t need a high amount of oil for deep frying. It reduces the consumption of extra oil. The space saver design doesn’t take up extra space on your kitchen countertop. It takes less time to heat compared to ovens. etc.

For preparing our air fryer onion rings you just follow some steps.

Cut the onion into a round shape but remember the thickness of onion slices should be 1/2 inch and separate the onion slices.

onion slices for onion rings

Take a bowl and make a mixture of flour, salt, seasoned spices, garlic, and onion powder and mix well. Then put the onion slices in the mixture for layers.

Take another bowl and put it aside. Make a mixture of egg and buttermilk to coat the outer layer. Whisk the mixture up to frothy for a thick layer. Then dip the onion slices into the mixture again and put them in the flour mixture for a thick layer.

Again dip the onion slices in the egg mixture but this time you need panko bread crumbs for a crispy outer layer. Take panko bread crumbs in another bowl and put all the onion slices in the crumbs.

bread crumb for onion rings

In the period of preparation preheat your air fryer for five minutes at 350°F. Preheating the air fryer depends on the model. Some air fryer needs to preheat and some other don’t require preheating.

Removes the tray and place the onion slices in one layer. If your air fryer has multiple racks then place them in the rack but in one layer. Never overcrowd the basket otherwise you will not get the perfectly crispy onion rings.

Set the temperature at 370°F for 8 -12 minutes until your onion rings are golden brown and crispy outside. Then remove onion rings from the air fryer plate and serve with your favorite season salt and sauce.

crispy air fryer onion rings

What should be the thickness of the onion slices?

For best onion rings the thickness of the onion slices should be 1/2 inch not so thick or thin. Always use sweet taste onions like Wala Wala, Vidalia, texas, etc. They are big in size and do not have a pungent type of hard smell.

How long to air fryer onion rings for the best crispy result?

The time and temperature depend on the air fryer models. Large and powerful air fryer takes less time compared to the small and less powerful air fryer. But the ideal temperature is 350°F to 370°F and takes 8 – 12 minutes. You should check the onion rings in the mid of the cooking.

Can you freeze onion rings for a long time?

Yes, you can freeze the onion rings for a long time up to 5 to 6 weeks. You need a zippered bag to store them and put them inside the freezer for freezing.

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