Can I Put Glass In An Air Fryer

Air fryers are very new to the market. Because of versatility, the popularity of air fryers is increasing day by day. You can do multiple cooking like baking, dehydrating, air frying, grilling, reheating, and rotisserie work in vary less of time compared to heat, bulky ovens. The rapid air technology cooks your food using hot air instead of using oil. So air fryer also helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But air fryer is very new to the market so the air fryer beginners have very little information about cooking and cooking materials. “Can I put glass in an air fryer” is one question from hundreds. So today we will discuss the use of glass bowls in AN air fryers and other advantages & disadvantages, alternatives, etc.

Can I Put Glass In An Air Fryer

Can I Put Glass In An Air Fryer

Yes, you can use glass in an air fryer but the glass bowl should be ovenproof. The pyrex or borosilicate glass is best for use in an air fryer or oven. Air fryers change heat very rapidly from a lower temperature to a higher temperature in a very short time. If you use any ordinary glass then it doesn’t withstand the high heat of your air fryer. It will shatter into pieces or fracture and may damage your air fryer.

You should check the glass is oven safe or not. One more thing you can do durability test for several times to find your glass is oven-safe. Before using the glass bowl in the air fryer you should put it into mild hot water to preheat the glass bowl.

Which type of glass material is safe for use in an air fryer?

The company-marked oven-safe glass materials are best to use in an air fryer. But the basic material of glass should be pyrex or borosilicate. Pyrex glass has high heat resistivity compared to any ordinary glass bowl. You can put the pyrex glass into the freezer and directly into the oven.

The glass can absorb the thermal shock and prevent any damage or glass shattering. The pyrex glass rapidly gets cool or heat. But you should slowly increase the temperature of your air fryer while using a glass bowl.

Best alternative to glass bowl use in air fryer

If you are conflicting between a glass bowl and an oven-safe glass bowl then you can use other safe materials which are the best alternative to a glass bowl. You can use silicone molds, ceramic coated bowls, ovenproof steel material bowls, paper cupcakes, and small bakery molds. These molds are best against the heat of the air fryer.

Silicone has great flexibility with high heat resistivity, ceramic acted bowls have a super smooth surface with great withstand aginst heat, some steel materials molds also are best to see in the air fryer. So if you are looking for the best alternative to a glass bowl then you can use anyone material instead of glass bowls.

What are the advantages of glass bowl use in it fryer?

Glass bowls are easy to use for food preparation, food storing in the fridge, and easy to clean compared to any other material bowls. Glass bowl doesn’t have any toxic coat or other compounds for making a smooth surface. It is already has a smooth non-stick surface. So using a glass bowl is very health-friendly. You will not face any health hazardous problems.

If your glass bowl has a stamp of ovenproof material then you can also use the bowl to put in the air fryer directly from the fridge. You don’t need to move your food to any other oven-safe bowl. The glass bowl doesn’t leach toxic chemicals to your food. The transparent view helps to monitor the inside food easily. So most people like to use glass bowls rather than any other material bowls.

How do you know your glass bowl is oven safe or not?

The best way to check your glass bowl is oven safe or not is the manufacturer stamp. If your glass bowl has a stamp of “Oven safe” then your glass bowl is totally safe for use in an air fryer or other ovens. You can also check the company website or e-commerce website where you buy the products.

If you are confused to find the stamp or information about your glass bowl. Then you can do some experiments with your glass bowl. Put the glass bowl into the air fryer without adding any food ingredients. Then slowly increase the temperature and note down.

Try to reach the temperature at which temperature you want to cook. If your glass bowl withstands the temperature of your air fryer then you can use it for food cooking. But you should do the experiments several times for better ensure. In this way, you can do the durability test of your glass bowl.

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