Buy best Cosori air fryer accessories [reviews in 2021]

cosori air fryer accessories review in 2021

Cosori air fryer is one of the most leading brands in 2021, It is the best selling air fryer on Amazon. If you also have a cosori air fryer, then you should buy some extra cosori air fryer accessories along with the air fryer.

There are many brands accessories available in the market, but all are not perfectly compatible with your air fryer and also not healthy. Without reviewing them to buy them, maybe you lose your hard-earned money. You buy for your cosori air fryer but sometimes it is not perfectly fit your air fryer.

Don’t worry I am going to review all the best cosori air fryer accessories for you Because I had to face the same problem. But after some research, I can get best compatible air fryer accessories for my cosori air fryer 5.8 qt model.

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Top chart of Cosori air fryer accessories




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COSORI Air Fryer Accessories kit of set of 6 items


Cosori Air Fryer Replacement Basket for 5.8QT


Air Fryer Liners - 8.5 Inches for cosori air fryer


Habor 022 Meat Thermometer for cosori air fryer recipe


Rack of Cosori air fryer accessories


What cosori air fryer offers?

An air fryer is a healthy choice nowadays, The cosori demand that his air fryer uses up to 85% less fat than traditionally deep-fried food while maintaining the same delicious taste, making it the perfect gift for family or friends. Actually yes the rapid hot air convection technology cooks your food only 1 tbsp of oil.

Best for health-conscious people and for gym guy. 1700 watt power fan, circulate hot air around your food, in just minutes. Extract extra fat and oil from your food make it more healthy than ever.

Why do you need cosori air fryer accessories?

There are only two capability models of cosori air fryer available in the market, one is 5.8 qt and cosori 3.7 qt accessories. When you buy any of them, They do not provide any extra accessories with the purchase.

While cooking there is some limit to use them, you can cook chicken tenders, french fries, or bacon at a time while bulk food inside basket, we may not get the best result. But cosori air fryer accessories give the endless possibility to cook. Using a 5.8 qt air fryer, you can only prepare food for 4-5 people. Otherwise, you have to cook them in batches. It is time taking and cleaning the kitchen is another headache.

But using a cosori air fryer and the compatible accessories makes our cooking level to another world. So simple and so easy to remove clean and again reuse.

What cosori air fryer oven accessories can do?

Cosori air fryer accessories are used to increasing the capability, versatility, endless possibility in your kitchen. There are racks available, increasing space. You can cook rice and bacon at a time, the bottom of your basket rice, and above rack bacon, shrimp, and chicken nuggets, chicken tenders Save a lot of time, now you can spend the quality time with your family.

Cake pan, pizza pan, now you are able to back your chocolate cake, chicken pizza without a microwave oven. One kitchen countertop device, able to cook a lot of items just using some accessories.

Top rated cosori air fryer accessories/ replacement parts

Check out our list of the best accessories for cosori air fryer. You will get to know different features, pros and cons of these different accessories here as well. Therefore, check them out and choose one according to your convenience.

1. COSORI Air Fryer Accessories kit of set of 6 items

cosori air fryer accessories

It is 6 pack accessories kit, you will find  1 x cake pan; 1 x pizza pan; 1 x metal holder; 1 x multi-purpose rack with 5 skewers; 1 x Silicone Mat; and 1 x egg bites mold with lid.

Perfect for Perfect for COSORI 5. 8Qt air fryer, also fit for larger air fryers, applicable for Gowise USA, Philips, Ninja, Instant Pot and most brands of air fryer.

Using cake pan you can bake your favourite cake and also include a pizza pan. Now you can bake pizzas without oven.

one metal holder and racks with 5 screws, using this you can cook some cosori air fryer recipes like paneer tikka and chicken tikka, chicken kabab, and many more.

Cook cakes, pizzas, eggs, skewered foods, and more! Included accessories (Egg Bites Mold, Cake Pan, Pizza Pan, Metal Holder, Rack & Skewers, Silicone Mat) expand what you can make and even increase your cooking area in the air fryer.

All are Made of healthy and safe food grade and heat-resisting materials, our accessories are FDA Compliant and BPA free, no worry about any hazardous chemicals.


  • 1 x Cake Pan 7.7 in (19.6 cm)
  • 1 x Pizza Pan 7.7 in (19.6 cm)
  • 1 x Egg Bites Mold with Lid 6.5 in (16.6 cm)
  • 1 x Metal Holder 8 in (20.3 cm)
  • 1 x Skewer Rack 7.9 x 7.9 in (20.1 x 20.1 cm)
  • 5 x Skewers 8.25 in (21 cm)
  • 1 x Silicone Mat 7 in (17.8 cm)
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2. Cosori Air Fryer Replacement Basket for 5.8 QT and 3.7 QT

cosori air fryer 5.8qt replacement baket

The basket comes with a cosori air fryer that is durable, unfortunately, if your basket got damage. Then don’t worry you can buy another same cosori brand replacement basket from Amazon.

The basket available in 5.8 qt and 3.7 qt, which are the size of cosori air fryer models, Enjoy healthy cooking without worrying about hazardous chemicals. Our air fryer baskets are FDA compliant and CA prop 65 Compliant.

High-caliber materials make sure to meet all your air frying needs. The baskets are made with high-caliber materials to meet all of your air frying needs.

 The cool-touch handle and a safety guard over the button that separates the inner and outer baskets,  feature a durable non-stick coating so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your meal.

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Air Fryer Liners – 8.5 Inches for cosori air fryer

square white air fryer parchment paper on amazon

It is an 8.5 inches square size parchment paper, made for 5.8 QT and 3.7 QT size air fryer or oven, which means it can easily use in your cosori air fryer.

Made up of 100% food-grade pulp, so it is pure non-toxic and non-stick material, it helps to prevent sticking your loaf, bread, and cupcakes from the basket Without any impact on food.

This parchment paper is waterproof, greaseproof, and highly heat resistant up to 450F up to 20 minutes, So you can easily cook any food in an air fryer holes helps to pass hot air easily while cooking.

Enough and proper holes help to speed up the steam circulation in air fryers or steamers, easy to clean, and bring you a good taste!

Best Compatible with Philips, Cozyna, Secura, NuWave Brio, Chefman, GoWISE USA, BLACK+DECKER, COSORI, ninja parchment paper, and More Air fryers.

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4. Habor 022 Meat Thermometer for cosori air fryer recipe

kitchen thermometer for cosori air fryer accessories

This 4. 7″(Probe) digital meat thermometer can detect 4-6 seconds ultra-fast response time with the accuracy of ±1℃, the core temp of meat; perfect for huge turkey, chicken, bread making, jam making, chocolate making, barbecue, hot water, hot milk, and even bathwater.

It is a little but most efficient gadgets in your kitchen while cooking meats, beef and whole chicken it plays a great role. Just put the thermometer inside a piece of meat and get the read.

This helps to know your food is undercooked or over, Simply insert a probe into your food or liquid and get the temp; this kitchen meat thermometer with protective sheath is easy to carry or store; 10 minutes auto-shutoff function Extends your battery life (Battery included; please remove the battery insulation film before the first use).

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5. Rack of Cosori air fryer accessories

rack for cosori air fryer accessories

The Stainless Steel Rack for Air Fryer helps you to cook more food at the same time by placing food on the top and bottom, creating a double layer.

It is best for Cosori air fryer 5.8 qt and also 3.7 qt and also compatible Costzon 3.5 QT, Cosori 3.7qt. Bagotte 3.7 QT, Best Choice Products 12.4 QT, Cozyna XL 5.8 QT, Chefman 2.6 QT Digital Family Size 5.5 Liter, Dash Deluxe Electric 6 QT & 10 L, and many more.

The Air Fryer Grill Mesh Mat can be placed on top of the rack so that smaller foods don’t fall through the cracks and get burnt or undercooked. This helps you achieve the perfect fry every time.

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From the above review, we reached a point that cosori air fryer accessories are the best gadgets to add in our cooking while cooking using cosori air fryer. The 6 pics kit is my favorite, all type of good quality FDA molds available. You can bake a cake, pizzas, bread, and also a whole turkey or a chicken using a metal holder.

The replacement basket made up of FDA plastic and BPA free, so no worry about toxic chemicals, parchment paper also helps to bake and clean the basket. A digital thermometer helps for perfect cooking, just put the probe inside your food and check your food undercooked or perfectly.

All the accessories are best compatible with cosori 5.8 qt and 3.7 qt model and also other models like ninja xl, Costzon 3.5 QT, Cosori 3.7qt. Bagotte 3.7 QT, Best Choice Products 12.4 QT, Cozyna XL 5.8 QT, Chefman 2.6 QT Digital Family Size 5.5 Liter, Dash Deluxe Electric 6 QT & 10 L.

You can buy cosori air fryer accessories from Cosori air fryer in stores.

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