16 Best Tips For Air Fryer Beginners | You Should Know All The Fact

An air fryer is a small convectional kitchen appliance which captured the market and become more popular in the last some years. Most health-conscious peoples are crazy about this little device, there is a reason behind the craziness.

Best Tips For Air Fryer Beginners

An air fryer can cut down the consumption of oil in your daily food and can cook your meal and appetizer without adding extra oil. It is very much convenient for your kitchen, but this little device has its own potential limits. If you are an experienced air fryer owner it will very much easy to cooking and maintenance.

But when you are an air fryer beginner you may fall into problems with your air fryer. If you follow these best tips for air fryer beginners, you will serve by your air fryer in a long run.

It uses hot air instead of oil for cooking food. In fact, an air fryer never frying your food, it just bakes with a hot air fryer and provides the same taste and texture which we get from a deep oil fryer.

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In this article, we will learn about some best tips for air fryers beginners. If you follow these 16 air fryer hacks you will definitely get the best result from your air fryer.

Here Best Tips For Air Fryer Beginners

01. Choose the right size for your family

It is one of the confusing and toughest queries before buying an air fryer if you are a newbie. Then it will be so much confusion for choosing the right size one for your family.

If you are a couple or living in a college dorm life, then go with less than 3 QT smaller size air fryer.

If you have a family of 4, then go with 5-6 QT best air fryer for a family of 4. and if you need more space. You should go with extra-large air fryers.

02. Clean your new air fryer

I think you have a brand air fryer, this tip is very much effective for you and directly connected with your air fryer experience. Most air fryer beginners do this mistake before their first air frying.

They do not clean the air fryer and directly apply for air frying, that’s why they have a rubbery plastic smell of food and giving bad reviews. So you should always clean your air fryer with mild detergent and water 4 to 5 times.

I am using dawn liquid detergent in 5 tablespoons of water in a bowl and clean for 4 times. After that, I preheat for 15 minutes in this way most of the plastic smell goes out.

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03. Use a heat resistant surface and give space

An air fryer is a small convectional kitchen gadget using hot air to cook food and almost every air fryer weighs approximately 10 pounds.

So before start to cooking put it on a fixed heat resistant surface like a steel kitchen countertop, granite, etc, or on a table. And give space 5 inches apart from the wall where the air vent is located.

You can use a silicone heat-resistant mat under your air fryer, it will protect your countertop from high heat generated by your air fryer. and also gives an anti-skid surface to our appliances.

04. Use parchment paper in air fryer

Everybody wants to eat healthy but not clean after heaving a good meal. After every cooking, you should clean your air fryer but parchment paper can reduce the mess inside your air fryer basket.

There is various perforated parchment paper available in the market, these can absorb extra oil and fat in your food. You can also direct dustbin them after one use. Before a buy check the size and never put them in the cooking basket while preheating.

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05. Pre heat for 5 minutes

You should make it a habit to preheat your air fryer before every cooking. Most of the manufacturers specify that their air fryer having a preheated option if your air fryer does not have any feature of preheating.

You should set the time and temperature at 350°F for 5 minutes manually. Preheat helps to cook food fast and make your food more crispy.

06. Grease with oil but not spray aerosol cans

Never use cheap quality aerosol oil sprayer cans. They have pam agents, which may be the reason for peeling off your non-stick coating of the air fryer basket. These aerosol agents break down the non-stick coat surface.

You should drizzle or brush good quality oil which is easy, but if you like to sprayer. Then you should invest in a good quality oil mister.

07. Invest in air fryer accessories

The air fryer is not only used for air frying but also can be used for bake, grill, broil, and many more. But you can not do it only with the air fryer basket. You need to buy some air fryer accessories which enhance the capabilities into endless possibilities.

You should buy some oven-proof baking pan, cupcake pan, grill pan, and other requirements according to your demand. All are available on Amazon or another e-commerce website.

08. Do not over crowd the basket

An air fryer uses hot air for cooking your food in a basket and has some limits according to size. This basket has small holes where hot air passing and circulates in a whirling mode. If you crowd your air fryer basket with food ingredients then air can not pass properly.

Thus you will not get evenly crisp browning cooked food and most of the time it takes much more time than regular air frying. If you have more foods to cook, you should go with an extra-large air fryer or cook in batches.

09. Use preset modes for best result

Presets are great for air fryer beginners, at that time most of the newbies do not know the required time and temperature for certain food. But presets can help to set time and temperature.

There are 6 – 7 presets options that come with an air fryer like air fry, reheat, bake, broil, stew, etc. Just press the button according to certain food and enjoy.

10. Adjust the required temperature

You can adjust the time and temperature manually by knob or digital touch button. Sometimes presets are not working for all food ingredients. You have to check and set the required time and temperature for a certain amount of food. You can also calculate time and temperature on the air fryer calculator.

11. Shake in the mid of cooking

While cooking items like French fries, chicken wings, onion rings you should shake them in the mid of cooking. Because air fryer using hot air which rushes from the top side but not properly reaches the down portion of your food.

If you shake them definitely all your food is cooked evenly from each side and a perfect brownie color attracts your eye. Now, most of the air fryers come with a shaking mode reminder which gives a reminder of its shaking time. You can also silicone tongs to flip heavy food like chicken breast.

12. Grease second time

We all know air fryer uses less oil or no oil for cooking, but you should add a little oil while cooking to get perfectly crisped french fries. The air fryer slowly increases the temperature if that time your food having no fat or oil inside it will dry and taste overcooked. An extra drizzle of oil can help to get cooked perfectly and crispy from each side.

13. Check your food in mid of cooking

We know an air fryer is a set and forget appliance. But you should check your food is perfectly cooked or not. Air frying is an easy process but checking is a good habit. Don’t let your food be overcooked and dried up.

14. Use water under bottom of the basket while cook highly fatty food

Use 2-3 tablespoons of water t the drawer basket of the air fryer while cooking high fatty and oily food. Because during cooking meatballs, chicken breast these ingredients have high fat.

So the extra fat stored at the bottom drawer basket and the increment of heat makes these into white smoke. So using a little water can reduce the development of smoke inside your air fryer.

15. Invest in a cooking thermometer

It is one of the crucial parts of cooking meat, pork, a chicken heavy meal in an air fryer. Your meat should be cooked thoroughly internally to the outside. Otherwise, bacterial increase in your meat will be a reason for disease.

And your whole cooking experience will destroy when your meat or pork still tastes raw after cooking is completed. So you should invest in a good quality cooking thermometer which shows the internal temperature.

According to CDC(FOOD SAFETY)

  • 145°F for whole cuts of beef, pork, veal, and lamb (then allow the meat to rest for 3 minutes before carving or eating)
  • 160°F for ground meats, such as beef and pork
  • 165°F for all poultry, including ground chicken and turkey

16. Clean your air fryer after every use

You should add clean your air fryer after every use in your kitchen routine life. An air fryer is one of the devices which needs extra care in the exchange it will serve you longer. Check your air fryer basket should be cold before cleaning.

Use mild detergent and water, one more solution sodium bicarbonate, and water. Use only removable parts, not inside the machine. After 5-10 minutes clean with your hands. Do not use an abrasive sponge otherwise the non-stick coating will scratch you.

Last note

Air frying in an air fryer is an easy way to get healthy and perfectly crispy food without using high oil. The air fryer is very much convenient for a kitchen for daily meals but it has some potential limits. If you follow these 16 best tips for air fryer beginners. You will definitely get the best result from your air fryer.

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