8 Best Ceramic Air Fryer That Doesn’t Peel Best Review In 2021

Are you frustrating with your air fryer for the basket peeling & Falking problem? And looking for the best ceramic air fryer that doesn’t peel then you are on the right review article of the 8 best air fryers with ceramic coating basket. Because the ceramic coated air fryer basket does not peel or flake at high temperatures. On the other hand, Teflon coated air fryer baskets start to peel at high temperatures, and the harmful toxic compounds present in Teflon contaminate your food. Which is unhealthy for your health.

So why should take risks using these Teflon coated air fryer buy something special ceramic-coated basket air fryer which is a durable and healthy option for your family. Ceramic is an inorganic and nonmetallic environment-friendly material. They do not have ant PTFE, BPA, cadmium, and lead types of harmful substances.

The special micro-thin ceramic layer produces a non-stick surface that is easy to clean. They can resist high heat and do not a meltdown. The scratch-resistant property makes it more shiny and durable. But before the review, the products let’s discuss some questions and their solutions below.

Best Ceramic Air Fryer That Doesn't Peel

Why your air fryer basket is peeling?

Air fryer basket peeling is one of the most common problems seen in the air fryer community. But If you have an air fryer with Teflon coating then the problem is high than ceramic coated air fryer due to high heats but this is not only the one reason behind peeling or flaking off. There are also some might reason for air fryer basket peeling.

Teflon coating air fryer: If you cook at a high temperature in your Teflon coated air fryer for a long time then there may be a chance of Teflon starts to peel. Because at high-temperature Teflon creates bubbles and from that, bubbles non-stick coat starts peeling. So using a ceramic coating air fryer is far better than using a Teflon coating air fryer.

Cheap quality air fryer: In cheap quality air fryer the manufacturer provides low-quality air fryer baskets and parts. In which in few days the basket will start peeling and damaging other air fryer components. So always invest in good quality air fryers for better results.

Rough use: It is one of the major points that many air fryer users put thier air fryer basket in a very rough manner. So the basket will get scratch and damage the inner parts. So care with the handle with your air fryer.

Cleaning by abrasive sponge: Many air fryer users think that using an abrasive sponge to the rust or burnt area of the air fryer basket helps rid of food residue. But they forget that the friction between two metals scratches the upper non-stick layer of your air fryer basket. As the result, the basket starts peeling. So never use an abrasive sponge to clean always try to immerse the basket for minutes then try to clean with a soft sponge and warm & sop water.

Using sharp objects: Another reason behind air fryer basket peel using sharp objects like knives and forks to remove food residue inside the basket. But using these objects may be a reason for scratches and peeling non-stick coating.

What do you mean by ceramic coated air fryer?

Ceramic coated air fryer means the air fryer basket or the air fryer accessories has a thin layer of a coat of ceramic. Ceramic also provide non-stick surfaces like Teflon or other coatings. But ceramic coating cooking utensils are good for health because at high-temperature other material starts peeling but not ceramic. They can tolerate high heat and do not contaminate the food. Ceramic is medically approved they can be used for cooking purposes.

Why should you buy an air fryer with a ceramic basket?

Teflon is a chemical (PTFE) used for waterproofing and nonstick layering on any materials. Now in most of the cookware and air fryer uses a Teflon coat to make it a non-stick layer to the basket. But at high-temperature Teflon, start peeling and contaminate your foods.

So what should you do? Use ceramic coated air fryer basket. It is the best alternative to the Teflon coating basket. They do not peel off or flaking off at high temperatures. They also provide a non-stick surface for easy cleaning of food residue and oil. And the best part ceramic does not have any chemically compound like Teflon has. So it is safe for use at high temperatures for food preparation.

But the downside of ceramic coating they have a very short life span than Teflon. But the upside is more valuable than the downside. So investing in a ceramic coated air fryer is a good idea.

Best air fryer with ceramic coating basket short comparison table


Product Name


Check Price

Ninja Max XL Ceramic Coated Air Fryer

  • Size - 5.5 QT

  • Ceramic Coat - Yes

  •  Dimension - 14 x 11 x 14.75 inches

Aria 5Qt Teflon free air fryer with ceramic coating

  • Size - 5 QT

  • Ceramic Coat - Yes

  •  Dimension - 15.7 x 14 x 14 inches

LOUISE STURHLING The Best Air Fryer That Doesn’t Peel

  • Size - 4 QT

  • Ceramic Coat - Yes

  •  Dimension - 14 x 13.8 x 14 inches

Paula Deen 9.5 QT ceramic coated air fryer

  • Size - 9.5 QT

  • Ceramic Coat - Yes

  •  Dimension - 14 x 13 x 15 inches

Oster Copper-Infused DuraCeramic Teflon free Air fryer

  • Size - 3.3 QT

  • Ceramic Coat - Yes

  •  Dimension - 14 x 11 x 13 inches

Elpis Compact Ceramic Air Fryer Without Teflon

  • Size - 4.3 QT

  • Ceramic Coat - Yes

  •  Dimension - 14.8 x 14.2 x 13.6 inches

Yedi Evolution stainless steel ceramic coated Air Fryer

  • Size - 6.8 QT

  • Ceramic Coat - Yes

  •  Dimension - 18.27 x 14.33 x 17.32 inches

 Kyvol Halogen Heating Ceramic Coated Digital Air fryer

  • Size - 6 QT

  • Ceramic Coat - Yes

  •  Dimension - 11.2 x 14.6 x 13.3 inches

01. Ninja Max XL Ceramic Coated Air Fryer

Ninja Max XL Ceramic Coated Air Fryer

Ninja max XL is the best air fryer with a ceramic basket and the most beautiful and popular air fryers in the medium-size air fryer segment. The air fryer comes with a 6 QT big size basket with a ceramic coated glossy finish. You will get also a ceramic coated crisper plate. That’s why we didn’t hear any peeling-off problem by ninja max xl air fryer users.

The best thing about this air fryer the compact design which doesn’t take a big space in your small apartment kitchen. But the basket can hold 3 pounds of french fries or chicken wings at one-time cooking. The air fryer uses recently launch Max crisp technology which delivers superheated air in a very rapid manner. And helps the air fryer to reach 105°F to 450°F temperature in just minutes.

That’s why the manufacturer claims that you will get perfectly crisped and guilt-free food every time 30% faster than Ninja AF 100. They also tested that the air fryer can cook food by reducing 75% oil in our food. Personally, I found that using this air fryer is so convenient than other air fryers. The big-size control interface is visible from the other corners of your kitchen.

The air fryer comes with 7 preset functions (Max crisp, air fry, air roast, air broil, bake, reheat, dehydrate). Yes, you can use this air fryer as a dehydrator. The slow cooking system gently removes moisture in your veggies, herbs, meat to store for a long time so they provide a rack to make easier this process. A small LCD display and buttons help to customize the required time & temperature for a specific food.

You will get a broil rack and 20 recipes guide book with this unit. The crisper plate, basket, broil racks are waterproof and dishwasher. So cleaning will be easy with this air fryer. The ceramic coat helps to remove grease and food residue with a damp cloth.

Pros & Cons

  • Ceramic coated basket & crisper plate
  • Cook 30% faster than Ninja AF 100
  • Reduce 75% oil in your food
  • Max crisp technology
  • 7 Preset functions
  • Enhanced control panel
  • Dehydrator option
  • 1 Broil rack
  • 20 recipe guide book
  • Dishwasher safe basket
  • The plastic burnt smell in new units

02. Aria 5Qt Teflon free air fryer with ceramic coating

Aria 5Qt Teflon free air fryer with ceramic coating

Our second picked air fryer is Aria 5 QT Teflon free air fryer. The manufacturer claims that this is the best air fryer that doesn’t peel. It has a 5 QT size ceramic coated basket which does not eliminate harm full toxic compounds, leads, flakes, and dangerous fumes while cooking at high temperatures. The basket and the accessories are free from toxins, PTFE, PFOA, Lead, and BPA.

However, I love this air fryer because of its multifunctionality. The air fryer can replace toaster, convection oven, microwave, deep fryer 4 in 1 appliance. The unique rapid air technology can crisp your fried food in less time by reducing 80% oil in your food. You can Grill, fry, reheat, toast, roast, and bake anything from crispy appetizers to mouth-watering desserts!

A ‘V’ shaped controller system provides this air fryer but not so many buttons. For new air fryer users, it will hard to find the right preset function. You can 180°F to 400°F temperature. The powerful heat elements heat your air fryer in a second so no need to preheat before adding food ingredients.

The best part of this air fryer the included accessories. You will get a Two-Tier Stainless-Steel Rack that doubles the cooking area and allows different dishes together, along with 4 Kebab Skewers perfect for vegetables & meats. It also comes with a Baking Pan to make cakes, omelets, cookies, quiches, brownies, and more!

An exclusive chef-curated recipe book is included with this air fryer. There are many numbers of mouthwatering recipes so you can start your air fryer journey. The book is written by the winners of ABC’s Family Food Fight! It includes your favorite classic recipes with Vegan & Keto options from Chef Mario Fabbri!

 The Aria Air Fryers are backed by our Industry-Leading Hassle-Free Lifetime and friendly live Customer Service! 

Pros & Cons

  • 5QT size ceramic coated air fryer
  • Free from Teflon toxic paints
  • Multifunctional
  • 6 preset functions
  • A complete set of accessories
  • A recipe book is written by Chef Mario Fabbri
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Looks so small
  • Not available other color variants

03. LOUISE STURHLING The Best Ceramic Air Fryer That Doesn’t Peel

LOUISE STURHLING The Best Ceramic Air Fryer That Doesn’t Peel

Our third picked air fryer with ceramic coating is LOUISE STURHLING. It is one of the most trusted Teflon-free air fryers in the market. The manufacturer used ultra-pure ceramic coating on both the cooking basket and the accessories provided with the unit. Because of high-quality ceramic, the air fryer is free from harmful compounds like LEAD, CADMIUM, BPA, PFOS & PFOA. It will be a healthy choice for your family if you want to rid of the Teflon air fryer.

Another best advantage of this air fryer it is scratch-resistant and does not peel at high temperatures. The air fryer has a 4 QT medium size basket which is an ideal choice for a family of 3. You can bake, grill, and fry your food with 90% less amount of oil. The turbo cyclonic airflow cooks your food evenly crisped from each side. 7 preset functions like steak, fry, roast are preprogrammed in this air fryer.

A fully digital one-touch screen helps you to read, adjust the time & temperature. An LCD screen is so bright in which you can see from a distance. The 1400 watt powerful heating element produces 175°F to 400°F temperature which can be set for 30 minutes timer.

You will get a free 7.5-inch pizza pan with ceramic coated, silicone tong, latest edition cookbook, and a true detachable handle which really helps you to easy handling and change with other accessories like a grill pan. The company also provides a free copy of Certified by Intertek and ET. That really impressive.

Cleaning with this air fryer s super easy. Because of good quality ceramic, any oil or food residue does not stick with the surface of the air fryer. The cooking basket is also dishwasher safe and the detachable handle makes it more dishwasher friendly. You can clean it every day by wiping the surface with a damp cloth.

The manufacturer provides a 30 days money-back guarantee if you get some technical problem with this air fryer and 12 months the warranty period. Overall this air fryer will be a good appliance in your home.

Pros & Cons

  • Ultra-pure ceramic coating
  • Scratch resistance
  • Free from harmful compounds
  • 7 preset functions
  • Fully digital control
  • Free accessories with a cookbook
  • 1400 watt power
  • 30 days moneyback guarantee
  • 12 months warranty
  • The basket size is apparently small for a big family

04. Paula Deen 9.5 QT ceramic coated air fryer

Paula Deen 9.5 QT ceramic coated air fryer

Pula Deen is the biggest air fryer in basket style air fryer segment. This air fryer comes with a 9.5 QT big size ceramic coated basket which is actually big enough to feed a family of 6 – 8 members. In this size air fryer, you will get 2 levels of oven-style air fryer but this air fryer has only a single basket. Bit the main reason to buy the air fryer is a ceramic coated basket. It is free from harmful Teflon or PTE elements which can affect our health.

This air fryer has no digital control system but the analog dials are more convenient to adjust required time and temperature for specific food ingredients. With this air fryer, you can air fry, bake, roast, or even reheat your food. The time and temperature can be set for 60 minutes at 400°F that is enough for regular meal cooking.

The powerful 1600 watt cooking mechanism produces high temperature in just minutes and the rapid air circulation flows in a very fast manner. And crisp your food evenly from each side and locks the moisture inside. The heat controller prevents overheating that’s why you will not find any smoke in your kitchen.

Using this air fryer will be a healthy choice for your family. The air fryer cut 85% fat in your food because of no use adding in frying. It is best for those who are health conscious and trying to eat all fried food but without oil. You can Chicken (up to 4Lbs), Steak, Pork, Fish, Root Vegetables, French Fries, Pizza, Cake.

Cleaning is super easy with this air fryer. The ceramic coating produces a non-stick surface where oil and food residue can not stick. All the basket parts are dishwasher safe or can be clean by wiping with a cloth.

Pros & Cons

  • Biggest single basket air fryer
  • Ceramic coating basket
  • Rapid air circulation
  • 4 prest functions
  • 1600 watt powerful heating elements
  • Overheat protection
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No digital control
  • No extra cooking racks

05. Oster Copper-Infused DuraCeramic Teflon free Air fryer

Oster Copper-Infused DuraCeramic Teflon free Air fryer

Our fifth picked air fryer is the Oster air fryer. In this air fryer, a unique copper-infused DuraCeramicTM nonstick ceramic coating is used to make it a more health-friendly air fryer than a Teflon coating air fryer. The used ceramic is very safe which is free from BPA, PFOA, PTFE, Teflon toxic compounds. And the non-stick surface does not peel or flake.

The air fryer features a basket of 3.3QT which is not big enough for a family of 5. The air fryer size is perfect for a couple or 3 members. But you can cook in batches for the whole family. The manufacturer claims that it can cook your food less amount oil up to 99.5%. But adding a spoon of oil is best for any fried food to reduce chew texture.

The best part of this air fryer is its analog control system. You will not find any digital control but the dials are easier to adjust time & temperature. The dials come with a stainless finish which looks more unique luxurious. You can set 175°F to 400°F temperature for 30 minutes. The 1400 watt power produces high heat n less time.

For safety purposes, the air fryer features with safe touch handle, audible beep sound after completion of the timer, removable fry basket, a user guide. Overall the air fryer is the best ceramic coating medium-size family air fryer.

Pros & Cons

  • Copper infusion dura ceramic basket
  • Free from harmful elements
  • Stainless steel finding dials
  • Overheating & beeping features
  • 1400 watt power
  • Small compact design
  • No digital control
  • Small size air fryer

06. Elpis Compact Ceramic Air Fryer Without Teflon

Elpis Compact Ceramic Air Fryer Without Teflon

Our sixth picked air fryer is Elpis Compact Ceramic Air Fryer Without Teflon. It is the most beautiful and colorful air fryer in our shortlisted air fryer. The compact design and available color mint, black, white, and navy make it a more luxurious look. The air fryer has a 4.3 QT basket with ceramic coated. Which is free from BPA elements scratch-resistant.

The air fryer cooks your food 85% less fat than a traditional deep fryer. The unique 360° air technology covers all the corner rapidly and crisp the outside and locks moist inside. Every time you will get perfectly crisped food. The air fryer features 7 Preset functions (French Fries, Chop, Shrimp, Cake, Chicken, Steak, and Fish) with an LED digital touch screen that provide you a hassle-free operation.

You can adjust the temperature from 180°F to 400°F for time 30 minutes. For more safety, an auto shut of function features in the air fryer. It will prevent overcooking after time completion. Voice command also reminds you. Heat resistant handle and a detachable basket provide with the air fryer. For better results preheat for 5 minutes can bring improvement in crispness before ding your food ingredients.

Although the air fryer size is small but can do a big portion of food at one time. And the whole basket parts are dishwasher safe and the inside surface can be clean by a damp cloth after every cooking task is done.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact beautiful air fryer
  • Ceramic coated basket
  • 360° air circulation
  • Digital control system
  • 7 preset functions
  • Auto shut off
  • Voice time reminder
  • 1 year warranty
  • Rough use maybe leads to scratch

07. Yedi Evolution stainless steel ceramic coated Air Fryer

Yedi Evolution stainless steel ceramic coated Air Fryer

Are you looking for complete accessories set of the air fryers with ceramic coated then our seventh picked air fryer is only for you? It is the best overall product in our shortlisted air fryer. The air fryer comes with a 6.8 QT of a big-size basket with Teflon-free ceramic coating. Which is safe for use without any health trouble. You can cook for a family of 5 in a single batch. The ceramic coat is very strong to remove from the upper layer of this air fryer.

The best part of this air fryer its build quality. The whole outer body is made of 360 DEGREE STAINLESS STEEL DESIGN. The design is developed by California which more convenient for placing on your modern kitchen countertop.

The best advantages of the air fryer are the big size LCD screen which is noticeable from a distance. All 8 preset functions featured dehydration capability. The slower cooking technology gently removes moisture from your fruit, veggies, etc. For dehydration, a double-layer rack also provides for placing extra ingredients for dehydration.

The 1700 watt powerful heat elements produce 110°F to 450°F temperature in just minutes. The slower temperature is best for the dehydration process. The best thing about this air fryer the components comes with the air fryer. You will get a removable ceramic-coated basket that is PFOA-free, BPA-Free, lead-free & cadmium-free!

And also deluxe accessories cooking set provides with the air fryer. There are ceramic coated dividers for the cooking basket, 50 perforated parchment steaming papers, an 8-inch ceramic-coated pizza pan, a multi-purpose rack with 3 stainless steel skewers, a cupcake silicone pan, and dehydrator racks. This makes the air fryer a complete set.

The air fryer comes with 2-year warranty which quite impressive where other air fryers come with only 1-year warranty.

Pros & Cons

  • Teflon free ceramic coating basket
  • 360 stainless steel finish body
  • Big size basket
  • LCD display with preset functions
  • Dehydration mode
  • Complete set of deluxe accessories
  • 2-year warranty
  • Over heating

08. Kyvol Halogen Heating Ceramic Coated Digital Air fryer

Kyvol Halogen Heating Ceramic Coated Digital Air fryer

Our last but not the least air fryer is the Kyvol Halogen Heating Ceramic Coated Digital Air fryer. The air fryer uses infrared light instead of a heating coil. The halogen heating produces intense heatwaves which penetrates a deep portion of food and makes it more crunchy with less amount of oil. But the 360° air circulation ensures evenly cooked food every time.

Like the above air fryer, the Kyvol air fryer uses nano-scale ceramic coating instead of Teflon. So the air fryer free from PTFE, BPA harmful toxins. The nano ceramic makes the basket and crisper plate non-stick and shiny forever. The micro-ceramic crystal saves your air fryer from peeling or flaking problems. Any type of grease, food residue will not stick with the surface of your air fryer.

The manufacture claims that the air fryer cut 85% less oil than the deep fryer. It uses 360° rapid hot air circulation makes healthy fried foods a reality. Brings foods crispy and rich flavor without the oil, grease, and mess.

The air fryer featured with the selection at a touch on the LED digital screen and rotate the control knob, your happy cooking gets started easily with no hassle. you may air fry, bake, grill, roast, dehydrate, reheat and see the whole process clearly through the transparent window, all your cooking choices are available in 1 appliance.

Kyvol AF60 air cooker will automatically shut off when it becomes overheated. Also, shut off when the basket is removed, and stay off until the basket is securely placed back in. Start making hearty food with this air fryer fearlessly like a pro!

Pros & Cons

  • Halogen heating mechanism
  • Infrared penitration to deep of food
  • 360° Air circulation
  • Auto shut off & over heat protection
  • Transparent glass window
  • 7 preset function with digital contro;
  • No heating elements
  • required extra time than regular air fryer

What should you consider before buying a ceramic coated air fryer?

I have short out some basic points which help you to make decisions while choosing the best air fryer with a ceramic basket. You have to consider these points before making a purchase. Let’s discuss all the basics.

01. Good quality ceramic coating

While choosing an air fryer with a ceramic coat, you should check the ceramic quality. If are they approved by FDA or not. Our all shortlisted air fryers are approved by the FDA organization and all are free from Teflon, PTFE, BPA, cadmium, and lead. These metals are very much dangerous your for health and can be a bad impact on your health in long use.

Oster air fryer uses dura copper ceramic coat, Kyvol halogen air fryer uses nano-ceramic coat. These are the types of ceramic variants. They provide non-stick surfaces, do not melt at high temperatures, provide scratch resistance but the life span is less than Teflon.

02. Size

Another most important thing to consider the air fryer size. It plays a great role that’s why people say size matters. If you have a big family of 5 – 6 members then you should buy Paula Deen a 9.5 QT ceramic coated air fryer. The size is enough for a big family to feed. Small size air fryers for a medium family. Bigger baskets offer you to cook more versatility in a single batch without any hassle.

03. Multi function

In third, you should check the multifunctionality. Is your air fryer comes with the latest features and cooking modes? Now air fryers are capable of replacing 5 to 6 appliances in your kitchen like a toaster oven, dehydrator, slower cooker, etc. The digital and analog control system provides an easy adjustment while choosing the time & temperature. In some air fryers, they provide multiple accessories with the units. You can dehydrate your favorite veggies, fruits by multi-layer racks.

Presets functions are great for new users. Using these modes you can directly set time and temperature for required recipes. So multifunction air fryers are great than using different appliances.

04. Safety features

Safety is the first precaution for any accidents. If you neglect these features then it may be a fatal accident for you. Today’s air fryers have come with the latest safety technology like the auto shut-off function. This function automatically stops after really great time completion! Overheat protection prevents your air fryer from heat and does not smoke your kitchen. Safety handle touch provides easy handling while on working mode and saves your hand from hot objects. A reminder also remind after cooking is is done or time is done. So these safety features play a great role.

05. Power

Power is directly proportional to cooking time more power fast coking. Powerful heating elements produce high temperatures in less time. The rapid hot air circulation crisps your food evenly from each side and locks the moisture inside. So a powerful air fryer saves your valuable time from your busy schedule life.

06. Price

All the features, size, functions, power, and brand depends on the price. A good price air fryer is an all-rounder kitchen-friendly appliance. Almost $100 or above air fryers are the best in class. With the air fryer you can bake, grill, dehydrate, and other features available.

Some asked FAQ

01. Is ceramic basket air fryer safe for health?

Ceramic can be say safe because it doesn’t have any PTFE, BPA, Cadmium, and lead substances. They are pure made of non-metallic and inorganic material. They do not meltdown at high heat and don’t contaminate your food. Scientists have also not yet proved that ceramic is bad for health or any side effects. So using a ceramic basket air fryer is safe for health.

02. What are the differences between Teflon coated air ceramic coated air fryer?

If you are trying to know the difference between Teflon and ceramic coated air fryer let’s know about it. Both are the mixture of some chemical compounds and are used for making non-stick and scratch-resistant surfaces. While Teflon is a mixture of Polytetrafluoroethylene. It is basically known as PTFE-based formula. The disadvantage of Teflon is it can not resist high temperatures. At high temperatures, Teflon starts melting and contaminating the food but Teflon is long-lasting than ceramic.

While ceramic material is an inorganic, non-metallic, often crystalline oxide, nitride, or carbide material. It is heat resistant and corrosion resistant and does not melt doesn’t high temperature. It is also PTFE, BPA-free, that’s why doctors advise using ceramic cookware instead of Teflon. These are also produced non-stick surfaces for better cooking and hassle-free operations. They do not peel or flake off. But the disadvantage is it’s not durable like Teflon. Although it’s a futuristic material use in cookware.

03. What are the best alternative of ceramic coated air fryer

Are you looking for the best alternative to ceramic air fryers? In research, I found the best alternative to a ceramic air fryer. You can use a glass air fryer, Teflon air fryer, stainless steel air fryer. All these types of air fryers are best in class.

While a ceramic air fryer is good for health and does not contaminate your food with toxic compounds. Glass air fryer is best in design and looks. Stainless steel air fryers are durable and easy to clean. Teflon air fryers are low-budget air fryers with long-lasting non-stock surfaces. So choose according to your requirements.

Last Note

Let’s conclude with the best air fryer that doesn’t peel. I hope you got some information about the ceramic coated air fryers. Because ceramic air fryer basket is the only basket that doesn’t peel or flake. Our all selected 8 best ceramic air fryers are the masters in their segment. So before making a purchase you should note down your requirements that will definitely help you to choose the right ceramic coat air fryer for you.


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