Top 11 Best Advantages Of Air Fryer | Should You Buy An Air fryer In 2023?

Air fryers are very new to the market but their popularity is increasing day by day. Everyone needs an air fryer on their kitchen countertop. But some are confused about owning an air fryer. Many questions are striking to their mind. Why should I buy an air fryer over the microwave ovens or other convection appliances? What are the advantages of buying an air fryer?

Best Advantages Of Air Fryer

So using an air fryer for over 4 years I have come here with some best advantages of using an air fryer. I have shortlisted the 11 best advantages of air fryer. Air fryers are small, convent, and easy-to-use appliances. Let’s check all the benefits of using an air fryer.

Here are the 11 best advantages of air fryer

#1. A Versatile Cooking Appliance

Now the newly developed air fryers are not only used for air frying or reheating food but also come with multiple cooking modes like baking, grilling, roasting, dehydrating, rotisserie, and much more. Air fryers can replace your other cooking appliances and save space in your kitchen but also saves you money.

Now you can enjoy chocolate cake, and banana cake by using an air fryer. For baking, you just need some bakery accessories to get the best result. Dehydration, rotisserie, and grilling cooking modes come with above $100 budget air fryer models. But the price is worth getting a versatile air fryer instead of buying multiple cooking appliances.

#2. Fit In Small Cooking Counter Space

Are you living in a small apartment or have a small cooking countertop? Don’t worry, compared to bulky microwave ovens air fryers are small in size and have a compact design. You can easily place them on the small countertop but always use a heat-resistant mat under your air fryer. You can also easily portable air fryers from one place to another because of less weight.

Another best advantage of air fryers is that they can do multiple cooking work like baking, grilling, dehydrating, rotisserie, and many more. That’s why the air fryer can replace other cooking appliances and make space in your kitchen countertop to do other cooking work.

#3. A Healthy Way Of Cooking

Air fryers getting popular among healthy enthusiastic people. Because if you want to enjoy fried food taste without consuming fat or oil then nothing is better than an air fryer. Air fryers work on rapid air technology to cook food in a very fast mode compared to any ovens. The fan delivers the hot air in a circular motion and removes the moisture evenly from each side.

You don’t need to fry your food in unhealthy oil. Just brush with your favorite high smoke point oil and you will get perfectly crisped fried food without losing nutrients also air fryer cooking maintains the original taste of food.

#4. Reduce The Formation Of Acrylamides

According to some research frying chicken, meats, and protein types foods in hot oil/deep frying can produce a dangerous compound acrylamide. The international agency for research on cancer states that acrylamide can cause multiple diseases like ovarian, pancreatic, breast, and endometrial types of cancer.

But an air fryer can reduce the development of acrylamide in our food. The newly rapid air technology cooks food with hot air instead of frying them in hot oil. So if you are thinking to eat fried food then air fryers are the best choice and they will help you to enjoy these types of fries without any cancer fear.

#5. Fast And Safe

While frying in a deep-fryer there is always a risk of hand burn from the hot splashing oil. The whole kitchen area is covered with fumes and the odd smell of food. After using the oil 2-3 times it will be needed to change the oil and it is hard to clean the deep fryer.

While using an oven takes more time comparatively than an air fryer. Air fryers are working on rapid air technology. A fit on the top of the air fryer sucks air through the heating elements. The fan delivers superheated air (100°F-400°F) in a whirl motion evenly. The hot air crisps the outside in a few minutes compared to ovens and your hand is also safe from heating objects. So using an air fryer is safe and it works fast.

#6. Crisp & Crunchy Outside

The powerful fan and heating elements produce heat ranging from 100°F to 450°F in just some minutes compared to bulky ovens. The hot air gently removes the moisture from food and locks the juicy tender inside it. The air fryer exhaust removes the moist air and keeps the air fryer inside moisture-free. That’s why the outcome results are always crispy, crunchy, and golden brown in color.

You will get the best result while air frying the onion rings, french fries, chicken wings, and frozen foods. You will get crispy and crunchy golden brown fries every time while microwave ovens don’t crip and brown foods.

#7. Save Nutrients

The air fryer’s cooking mechanism cooks your food by hot air circulation. While cooking in a deep fryer you need to fry your fries in hot splattering oil. In this process, the nutrients of food dissolve in the oil, and your food lost its benefits.

But the air fryer needs a very little amount of oil brush on the food. The hot air crips the outside and locks the moisture and nutrients inside without sacrificing the taste. So if you are thinking to eat healthily then nothing is better than cooking in an air fryer.

#8. Reduce Calories From Food

Not frying in high saturated fatty oil can reduce the consumption of calories up to 80% in your food. Those who use an air fryer to cook their food can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle. Air-fried foods are free from unhealthy fat and calories. It reduces the risk of many diseases. If you add air-fried food to your diet plan can help you to shape your waistline.

#9. Easy To Use

Compare to any conventional oven air fryers are very convenient to use. They are coming in two variants one is an analog model and the other one is a digital model. In an analog air fryer model, you will get two knobs for time and temperature settings but a digital air fryer model is easier to use.

The digital air fryer has an LCD display where you can monitor time, temperature, and cooking mode. That ensures perfect cooking every time. The digital air fryer models also have preset buttons where you can set time, temperature, and modes by pushing one button.

#10. Easy To Clean

You need to clean the air fryer after every use. Don’t worry air fryer’s basket and other accessories like racks, grilling pan, drip trays are removable. Most of the air fryer baskets are dishwasher safe. Just put the basket and removable accessories in the dishwasher and it will be clean without any water damage.

You can also clean the air fryer basket with a mixture of warm water and soap on your hand. Using regular cleaners the air fryer basket and accessories also be cleaned. Spray the cleaner and wait for 15-20 minutes then wipe the air fryer basket surface with a damp cloth.

But it is hard to clean the heating element area and corners of the air fryer. So be careful while cleaning that area. You shouldn’t use abrasive sponges and sharp objects to clean the air fryer otherwise the air fryer can be damaged.

#11. Inexpensive Compared To Ovens

Compared to bulky microwave ovens air fryers are inexpensive. You will get a loaded featured air fryer for under $200 but a microwave is more than 200$. Using an air fryer you can do all the cooking work fast and efficiently but the capacity of the air fryer is lesser than a microwave oven. You cant cook for a large family in a single batch. You need to cook them in batches. Otherwise, air fryers are the best option for medium size family. Where you will get almost all cooking modes like ovens.

Conclusion Of Best Advantages Of Air Fryer

Air fryers are the most versatile cooking appliances using the air fryer you can air fry, rehat, bake, grill, dehydrate and roast your favorite food. It can replace your multiple kitchen appliances.

Air fryers are compact in design and easy to portable. The space-saving design can be easily fitted on your countertop. The newly rapid air technology cooks food in a healthy way and reduces the consumption of calories by up to 80% from your food. Fast cooking saves valuable time while ovens need more time for cooking.

Air fryers are easy to use by pushing some buttons. It saves your hand from splattering hot oil. It also reduces the development of acrylamide which is a compound developed while frying food in hot oil. Some studies state the it may be a reason for cancer. Air fryers are easy to clean by using a dishwasher or handwash. These are the best advantages of owning an air fryer. So if you are thinking to buy an air fryer for your kitchen I recommend you can go with the stainless steel air fryer. They are durable, easy to use, free from BPA, have no need for nonstick coating, and are easy to clean.

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