Air Fryer Frozen French Fries | 5 easy steps to get healthy crispy fries!

French fry is an American side dish. These are the small straight slice of potatoes, golden in color, and the most popular snacks among all over America. Kids to adults everyone loves it because of its crispiness, fluffiness, and tasteful texture. According to a recent survey, an average American eats 30 pounds of air fryer frozen french fries in a year, that’s amazing for craze eating french fries.

Air Fryer Frozen French Fries | 5 easy steps to get healthy crispy fries!

Now life becomes busier than ever, we have less time to prepare french fries at home. So many food industries prepare half cooked french fries in many flavors with seasoning, These are called frozen french fries. you can easily find the product from the supermarket or online. Frozen french fries are best for a sudden situation like in a rainy evening, uninvited guest, or for your children.

But we spent our money to buy oily, preservative and full of glutin, unhealthy french fries from Mcdonalds, restaurant and other places. Home deep frying fries are also tasty but not good for our health. But now the technology has improved, air fryers are the alternate of deep oil fryer, it bakes not fry your french fries in oil.

It cooks your french fries without oil, wow! such amazing. That’s why I love air fryer frozen french fries. But excess eating of frozen french fries will create trans fat, it may be a risk to your heart.

What are air fryer and frozen french fries?

Air Fryer

ultrean 4.2 QT air fryer frozen french fries in the basket

It is a small convection oven not bigger than a coffee maker in size. Working on rapid hot air circulation around your food. A fan fitted on the top of the air fryer, which sucks air and passing through the heating element. This hot air circulates around your fries, crisp your frozen french fries outside and moist lock inside. Not more than 1 tbsp oil required for your frozen french fries. So it provides glutin free healthy fries to your family. That’s why 5 lakhs pieces sold, last year in America.

Frozen French fries

McCain air fryer frozen French fries

These are pre-cut potatoes, available in all supermarkets. The food manufacture cut these into many style standard fries, waffle fries, and many more styles. These are bar boiled pre-seasoned with salt. So no worry about preparation. Just wrap it, fry it, eat it.

How to cook air fryer frozen french fries in an air fryer?

I am a big fan of air fryer because it’s so easy to use, no worry about oils, and a healthy choice for my family. When my mom used to fry french fries, it was so greasy and oily. But after purchased Ultrean Air Fryer, 4.2 Quarter fryer, the french fries come out more crispy, and also the consumption of oil is reduced. I love my air fryer, it’s an all-rounder and also the price is 75$ only.

The things we need for cook air fryer frozen French fries

It’s not a complex recipe, kids more than 12 years can easily cook frozen french fries. The air fryer is the safest kitchen item, I have ever had. Just some fries and equipment we need are

  • Frozen french fries

5 easy steps to get your French fries crispy and fluffy

I always follow these 5, these steps help me to get more crispy and perfectly golden color frozen french fries. If you face some difficulty to use your air fryer, I have written 10 easy steps to use your air fryer.

Step 1- Clean your air fryer basket

I always clean my air fryer before using, Its a good habit. I think you also clean your air fryer before cooking. This process provides your food and to your air fryer a hygenic and clean environment. If some food debris still inside your basket, it will be burnt and make some smoke and will give your french fries a burnt texture.

Take a bowl add 2 TBSP of baking soda and 20 ml of water, mix well and make a paste. Then take a non-abrasive sponge or moist cloth and spread the paste all over your basket. After 10 minutes rinse the basket. Then wipe the basket with a soft cloth, to dry.

Step 2- Use an air fryer liners

air fryer liners inside the air fryer basket

I always use one or two 8.5 inches parchment paper bottom of my air fryer, these are made of 100% food grade pulp. Air fryer liners having small holes, so the hot air circulating easily through this paper and protect my frozen french fries to stick inside the basket and make less food mess. I found 5 best selling parchment paper on the internet.

Step 3- Preheat your air fryer

When I was new to the air fryer, I did not know the perfect use of air fryer before any cooking. I always try to get the best crispy golden color french fries but I never got.

After many experiments I found, when I preheat my air fryer for 5 minutes at 400F, I got the perfect crisp french fries. You should also preheat your air fryer before fry your french fries. But remember, never use air fryer liners during preheating. Otherwise, air can pull the paper to the heating element.

Credit- Best recipe box

Step 4- Place in a single layer

After preheating your air fryer for 5 minutes, place your frozen fries in a single layer, never overcrowd or bulk your basket to get the best crisp air fryer frozen french fries. My ultrean 4.2 QT allows half a packet of french fries at a single batch. You know air fryer uses hot air instead of oil, air circulating your food. If you crowd the hole of the basket, hot air can not pass properly. So you will not get perfect crisp french fries. Get your frozen French fries from your freezer and directly add to the basket. Set your air fryer for 15 minutes at 400F.

Step 5- Shake the basket

air fryer frozen French fries

Shake your basket in the middle of cooking for better results. I always shake my basket in every 5 minutes. This is the most important step for any fried snack food. Hot air touches the upper side but not properly touches the downside. So the french fries will not cook evenly from both sides or maybe do not get the perfect crunchy and fluffiness. You should shake the fries for every 5 minutes. After 15 minutes your air fryer automatically stops and serves frozen french fries with your favorite sauce.

Frequently asked the question to cook frozen fries in an air fryer

1. How to make homemade frozen French fries?

Yes, you can prepare frozen french fries at home for sudden hunger or sudden guest. Take less starch 2-4 big size potatoes. Peel them off and cut them into french fries size with your kitchen knife, I am always using a french fry cutter to get perfect size pieces. Clean these pieces in cold water for 5 minutes, then bar boiled for 7-8 minutes. After doing all this preserve these french fries pieces in the freezer using a freezer bag.

2. Should I preheat my air fryer for frozen fries?

You should preheat your air fryer for 5 minutes at 400F. Pre heat makes your cooking fast and helps to get the best crispy and fluffy french fries.

3. Should I use use oil?

It depends on you, frozen french fries are pre-cooked and seasoning with flavor. I think there is no need of using oil. But you can use some oil to get extra crispy and spray some oil in the basket to prevent sticking.

4. What should be the time and temperature

The time and temperature depend on the power and the amount and thickness of french fries. Philips air fryer needs only 10-15 minutes while the power air fryer needs 15-18 minutes. But the average air fryer frozen french fries time and temperature 12-16 minutes for 400F respectively.

5. Should I defrost them before fry?

No, there is no need to defrost them, You can directly apply them in your air fryer with little seasoning and salt, also with a little spray of cooking oil. If you defrost them, it may be mashy.


I hope you like our air fryer frozen french fries recipe, air fryers are really worth of money. Its modern cooking techniques and user-friendly design make it our best kitchen friend.


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