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If there only 1 -2 members in your family or you are a single person and your kitchen has a small countertop. you are a foodie, always try to impress others by experimenting on your food (with chickens, fishes, veggies, french fries, and many more). So fries food is always winning the heart of everyone, I know you always try to make it in a healthy way by using the lowest amount of oil in your food. I have the solution to this problem Mini Air Fryer.

Air Fryers uses only 2-3 drop oil to brush on your food, it works on Rapid Hot Air Technology. Without destroying the delicious taste of your food and guilt-free as compared to deep-fried food and the compact size easily fits your kitchen.

If you are cooking food for you or for your friend and they are very much fond of fried food, Mini Air Fryer may be the best choice for you. The air fryer food is crispy as compare to deep oil fried foods.

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mini air fryer fast and hot technology


Mini Air Fryer has a compact size as compared to the regular Air Fryer. The size of the basket 2 QT may not more than 3QT, you can cook only in a single batch. If you have more than 2 people.

Remember maximum compact size Air Fryer comes with analog technology with high range temperature and timer facility. The weight must be not more than 3 kg, which you can easily carry with you anywhere. The small and elegant design enhances your kitchen looks more trendy. The power consumption is also low than the big Air Fryer. So you get less electricity bill at the end of the month. A piece of advice uses a heat-resistant mat under your air fryer to protect your countertop from air fryer heat, heat may be damage the surface.

Who should buy?

  • For small family ( couple )
  • Working lady ( who tries to get extra time for her work from cooking)
  • Men far from home ( who need a healthy launch in his busy day)
  • College students ( who need extra time to complete his project from time taking cooking)
  • travel explorer

But that time it was manufactured in a big size scale and the budget also high, Then the company made the mini version of the air fryer, now we know as Mini Air Fryer. Many of you have a question in your mind ‘ Who should need to buy these compact air fryer?. I have a list try to define the question.

yellow red food eye catching dish no extra oil cook in a mini air fryer

5 Best Mini Air Fryer for Small family

There is a lot of variables in the market, it’s not an easy task to find the best size for your family, I have shortlisted 5 best small sizes, according to size, capacity, power wattage, safety, ratings, and budget, I will give personally review along with advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the short comparison list of 5 best mini air fryer f


Product name

Check price

BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter

  • 13 x 13 x 15 inches

  • 12 pounds

  • 2 QT

Philips mini air fryer

  • 14.37 x 10.47 x 11.29 inches

  • 15.08 pounds

  • 2.75 QT

DASH Compact Electric

  • 7.8 x 10.6 x 12.2 inches

  • 6.84 pounds

  • 2 QT

BELLA (14538) 2.6 Quart

  • 14.17 x 11.42 x 13.19 inches

  • 9.73 pounds

  • 2.6 QT

Maxi-Matic Elite Gourmet

  • 11.02 x 8.5 x 10.75 inches

  • 6.98 pounds

  • 2. 1-quart

1. BLACKDECKER 2-Liter mini Air Fryer

white black and decker mini air fryer

Black deca is my favorite manufacturers, look at the Fryer its white and black combination makes a luxury eyecatching looks. It comes with an 8 cup capacity basket inside the air fryer. you can easily cook corn dogs for you. I always say it a mini corn dog air fryer.

Using its adjustable temperature, you can easily fry frozen foods likes french fries, onion rings, etc. The temperature range of 175- 475 F.

The 60-minute timer allows for precision cooking on a wide range of foods The unit will automatically turn off when the timer is up.

Safely retrieve and pour out food when cooking is complete. Dishwasher Safe, after cooking you can easily remove the nonstick pan, basket, and separator make cleanup quick and easy.

This air fryer comes with a dual-fan, one will suck air and the other one exist the inside smoke.


  • 2 L capacity
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Removable parts
  • Easy to use
  • 60-minute timer ( auto shut off)
  • Dish wash safe
  • Dual convection fan
  • 4.5 star out of 5


  • NO Digital System
  • No additional cook book, air fryer cookware

2. Philips avance compact air fryer

black oval size digital philipps mini air fryer

If there is talking about Air fryer, Philips name not on the list that’s impossible. because Philips the only first company to bring air fryer to the public. Philips Avance is a small size but a little expensive.

Unique TurboStar Technology for healthier cooking and frying.

It’s 5 presets for most popular dishes including a keep-warm function. It has digital control, so you can easily control the system. Over 200 recipes in the app and free recipe book included with Philips turbo air fryer. It has 2.75 QT space, easily cook for 2 people.

TurboStar technology, all food is exposed to constant, circulating heat allowing you to cook your favorite foods with a tablespoon or less of oil.


  • 2.75 QT space for cooking
  • Philips is a big trusted brand
  • Comes with three technology ( analog, cookbook, Digital)
  • Unique Turbo star Technology
  • Keep warm function
  • Quick control dial
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to remove the non-stick basket
  • 4.6 out of 5 star


  • High budget
  • Big size
  • oval design

3. DASH mini Air Fryer

dash grey  mini air fryer

Among all air fryer, the dash is the king. It is the most compact round size Air fryer, it looks so much trendy. It is available in 5 colors on amazon.

The little one has much new technology to cook food. DASH compact air fryer uses air crisp technology (instead of oil) to help reduce added fat by 70-80%, without sacrificing the flavor of your fried food (no more residual smell hours after you’ve eaten).  

Simply load the fryer basket (up to 2 QT capacity), use one of the 5 presets (or manual setting), to easily track time and temperature.

Your food comes out crispy, guaranteed, every time and in less time than it takes to pre-heat your oven, making it more energy-efficient. The auto-shutoff function prevents overcooking, and the cool touch housing and handle makes it safer to use. It’s so simple, even your kids can use it! (bonus, the nonstick fryer basket is dishwasher safe for even easier cleanup!).

Half the weight of a standard fryer, the Dash Air Fryer is the best apartment, smaller kitchen, college dorm life, or camper/RV traveling. Plus, its sleek design and trendy color options will accent any kitchen space.


  • Compact lightweight
  • Versatile
  • The digital display on the top
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Removable nonstick basket
  • Air crisp technology
  • 4.0 out of 5 star


  • Looking will be better
  • Customer rating 4.0 out of 5

4. BELLA 2.6 Quart mini Air Fryer

black beautiful bella mini air fryer

When I see this Bella black design, it is awesome a unique design among all the air fryer. This air fryer enables you to cook crispy golden brown french fries, onion rings & chicken nuggets safely, without all the extra calories & unhealthy fats.

It’s like having a convection-type oven at your fingertips. It comes with a 2.6 QT basket that makes it perfect. it is also dishwasher safe.

So you can easily clean the non-stick basket. You can remove easily the basket during cooking.  Simply set the temperature & timer & the ready indicator light will let you know when your cooking cycle is over.

Look in on food while it cooks with safe handling via cool-touch parts & an automatic shut off for safety.

Our 1500-watt Circular Heat Technology ensures quick, even cooking every time without a smelly, oily mess. I love its design.


  • 2.6 QT capacity, you can easily cook for 4
  • Unique design
  • Dish safer
  • Removable nonstick basket
  • 1500 watt
  • Crispy technology
  • 4.5 out of 5


  • NO digital monitor
  • Available only two color
  • No new technology

5. Elite Gourmet compact air fryer

maxi with french fries in mini air fryer
elite gourmet best mini air fryer

Elite Gourmet is also the best compact in the market. The unique design makes it different from other Fryers.

free non-stick pan and rack holder, 2. 1QT size helps you to cook 1. 5lb of food, Perfect for personal use, or when cooking for a few. Cook faster and more safely than in oil, eliminating splatter burns and reducing electricity use.

Gives you the ultimate cooking control and versatility allowing you to fry, bake, grill, and roast all in one!

A high-power convection fan regulates hot air to your food develops temperatures from 180F to 395F degrees and a 30-minute timer automatically shuts off the air fryer at the end of the cooking cycle without overcooking.

You can safely remove fried foods from the air fryer without burning your hand’s use of its safety basket handle. The exterior of the Elite Gourmet air fryer retains its pristine condition with just a damp cloth.

Dishwasher safe removable PFOA/PTFE free non-stick Coated drawer pan with removable frying rack helps you for fast, easy clean-up.


  • Compact size 2.1 QT. you can easily cook for 3
  • Analog display, with adjustable time and temperature
  • Removable basket
  • Crisp technology
  • Unique design
  • Easy to use


  • No digital display
  • Size could be more


I have discussed the ‘5 best mini air fryer for small family’ according to their size, design, the technology used in them, safety, advantages, disadvantages, and the public ratings. Now we can easily conclude that which Mini Air Fryers suits you best. If you want for you then Philips Avance Digital Turbostar Airfryer (1.8lb/2.75qt) will be your best choice. It has 2.5 QT space. So you can easily cook for 1-2 members. It will easily fit in your kitchen.

If you are a couple, Maxi-Matic Elite Gourmet may be the best choice you can every day, it’s my personal favorite recommendation.

If you belong to students, then DASH Compact Electric Air Fryer will be your best choice. only 1.6 QT space and stylish looking make it easy to use. It will best fit in your hostel room.



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